Best Sump Pump to Clear a Flooded Area in Your Yard or Home

Anyone who has ever had a flooded basement or yard knows how much damage the water can do in a very short amount of time. It can cause your foundation to shift and crack, and this can cost thousands of dollars to fix. A flooded yard can result in dead plants, dying trees, and waterlogged lawns that take weeks to dry out properly, and you may find yourself having to spend a lot of money to put your yard or garden back to the way it was before the floods. Luckily, a high-quality sump pump can help you remove the water relatively quickly, and this works to minimize the damage it wreaks on your area. 

There are dozens of sump pumps available in all price ranges from different brands, and this can make it difficult to find the best one for your needs. You want to have one ready to work before your yard or home floods to get the water out as quickly as possible, and this is why I’ve picked out 10 sump pumps for you to review below. Once you look through them, you can use the short buying guide to make your final choice and ship it straight to your door. 

Sump Pump 1 Start
No one wants to experience a flood, but some parts of the country are flood-prone. A durable sump pump can help you get rid of water quickly and efficiently, and it’s nice to have one on hand before you need it to reduce the damage. 

1. Little Giant Automatic Sump Pump

The first sump pump on the list comes from Little Giant. It comes designed for continuous work, and this is a great pick if you have a basement that has high humidity and is prone to flooding throughout the year. It has a ⅓ horsepower shaded pole motor that is very durable and resistant to damage, and it comes with overload protection built into the design to prevent it from accidentally overheating and dying when you run it around the clock. In turn, it’ll be able to run at peak performance without burning up any parts and making you replace it. It runs on a standard 115-volt plugin, and it’s easy to plug it into an extension cord if you need more length. 

This sump pump has upper and lower sintered sleeve bearings for added durability, and it comes with an epoxy coated cast iron housing. This housing will resist rust, corrosion, wear, and tear with hard use, and it can help extend the pump’s life for years of continuous use. It has a broad base that helps ensure it won’t accidentally tip over and stop working mid-use, and there is a simple handle at the top that makes it easy to carry or pick up and move from location to location. 


  • Works continuously 
  • Shaded pole motor included 
  • Overload protection built in 


  • Can corrode along the edges 
  • Not powerful enough for larger projects 
  • Handle is thin 

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2. Superior Pump Utility Pump

This sump pump by Superior Pump comes in 12 styles that allows you to customize your setup to suit your home or yard. If you pick out the ¼ HP utility pump model, it can move up to an impressive 1,800 gallons every hour. It’s also powerful enough to lift the water up 25-feet vertically, and this is nice if you have a flooded basement and you need to get the water up and out a set of stairs to drain away from your foundation. The cord length for this pump is a slightly longer 10 feet, but you can hook it up to an extension cord if you need more length for your project without it burning out. 

This sump pump uses a thermoplastic construction that is very durable, and it’ll withstand hard usage without burning or getting overheated. It comes with a 1 ¼-inch NPT discharge, and this gives you very high-capacity pumping action. You’ll get a ¾-inch garden hose adapter in every purchase that allows you to funnel the water well away from your home or garden. There is a removable suction screen that you can use to pick up ⅛-inch solids and get rid of them, and each pump comes 100% factory tested. 


  • Comes in 12 styles
  • Can handle 1,800 gallons per hour 
  • Can hook it to your garden hose 


  • Can periodically switch on and off
  • Thermal overloading protection is very sensitive 
  • Screws rust and corrode quickly 

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3. WAYNE Stainless Steel Sump Pump

Anyone who has a fountain or pond they clean annually will like this sump pump from Wayne. It comes assembled in the United States using strict quality control guidelines, and the stainless steel design is very durable and resistant to rust or corrosion. It’ll cycle through 4,600 gallons per hour, and this means that it’ll make short work of your larger ponds out fountains so you can move onto cleaning it and refilling it with minimal hassles. It uses a 10-foot discharge hose, and you can funnel the water into your flower beds, planters, and more to give them a boost of nutrients so you don’t waste the water. 

This sump pump has a top suction design that helps to minimize the chances of clogging or air locks when you run it, and this makes the whole process go much smoother. It uses a stainless steel motor housing with a cast iron pump base, and both of these components increase the durability factor, and you won’t accidentally damage it if you drop it or tip it over. There is a vertical float switch that will automatically shut off the pump to stop it from burning out, and it comes tested to one million cycles. 


  • 1 ½-inch NPT discharge is building code compliant 
  • Stainless steel design 
  • Has a float switch 


  • Uses a lot of power 
  • Doesn’t have a soft start 
  • Warranty is restrictive 

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4. Zoeller Submersible Sump Pump

Zoeller’s sump pump comes in a pack of one, two, three, or four. This is a 3/10-HP pump that works for residential use or septic tanks. It’s an automatic model that gets rid of a lot of the guesswork that comes with manual ones, and it reduces the chances that it’ll accidentally burn out because it comes equipped with a float-activated switch. Once the water gets up to your set level, the pump will switch on until the water drops below the switch. It’ll automatically switch off, and this means it frees up your time to use on other projects around the house. 

There is a ½-inch discharge on this sump pump that can pass up to ½-inch spherical solids without it clogging or slowing down. It has a cast iron switch case, pump housing, motor, and a plastic base to make this a heavy-duty option that won’t rust, corrode, or break down after years of use. It also makes it heavier, and this lowers the chances that it’ll accidentally tip over with deeper water. Each pump comes 100% factor tested for power and durability, and it has a stainless steel carrying handle on the top that makes it easy to move it around or relocate it when it’s running. 


  • Can pass up to ½-inch solids 
  • Cast iron design 
  • Float-activated switch mechanism 


  • Float switch can be finicky 
  • May only last a few years 
  • Switch fails quickly 

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5. DEKO Sump Pump

If you want to clean out your koi pond, this sump pump from DEKO is a powerful option that can help you complete this chore in a very short span of time. It comes with a 1-HP, 750-watt motor that can pump up to 3,302 gallon per hour to speed up your draining job in a fraction of the time. It will pass solids that are up to an inch in diameter, and it works well for swimming pools, flooded yards, basements, cellars, ponds, and much more. It works with 1 ¼-inch and 1 ½-inch hoses, and there are three different fittings for outflows of different diameters, including 1-inch, 1.25-inches, and 1.5-inches. 

The sump pump will cut off right away if the pump fails to prevent the coil from burning out. There is an automatic float switch that will turn the pump off when the water levels fall below 4.7-inches, and it’ll start back up when it goes over this level. There is a thermoplastic body that resists corrosion, and it protects the metal parts from rusting. This pump comes manufactured in line with all valid safety requirements, and it uses an oil-free motor to make maintenance easy. 


  • Pumps up to 3,302 gallons per hour 
  • Has three different fittings 
  • Automatically switches on and off


  • Water won’t go below 4.75-inches 
  • More narrow and unstable bottom 
  • Metal parts can rust 

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6. WaterAce Pedestal Pump

This pedestal sump pump by WaterAce is perfect for basements, and it can prevent them from accidentally flooding and causing damage to your home or business’s foundation. It has a powerful 115-volt capacitor motor, and this will move a decent amount of water in a short period of time, and it has a lightweight but durable design that is very easy to place in your basement without a lot of hassle. Along with water, this pump can easily get rid of solids up to ⅜-inches in diameter, and this helps to ensure that the pump will accidentally clog and stop working mid-use. 

There is a 1 ½-inch FNPT discharge that will get rid of any excess water or solids, and it has a top-mounted adjustable float switch. This switch will allow you to set your chosen water level, and the sump pump will switch on and off as your water hits this level and falls below it to prevent burnout. The pump has built-in overload motor protection that stops the motor from burning out from continuous use, and this extends the pump’s life. It will mount securely to the floor and stay in place, and it has a corrosion-resistant metal and plastic design. 


  • Top-mounted adjustable float switch 
  • Overload motor protection 
  • Mounts securely to the floor 


  • Lower pressure levels 
  • Not suited for large amounts of water 
  • Can fail within a year or two 

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7. Homdox Stainless Steel Sump Pump

If you’re building a wildlife pond, you’ll want a sump pump on hand to help control your water levels until it establishes itself. This 1.5-horsepower pump can move an impressive 4,356 gallons per hour, and it can funnel water away from your location very quickly. The max flow rate on this pmp is 16,500-liters an hour, and it uses an oil-cooled electric motor. It is compatible with 1 ½-inch and 1 ¼-inch hoses, and there are three fittings in different diameters that allows you to get precision control over your flow rates. You’ll use the wider outlets for bigger flow rates. There is a high base plate on this setup that prevents debris from collecting and clogging the unit. 

The stainless steel design on this sump pump won’t rust easily, and this can extend the unit’s life with continuous life. It has an automatic float switch on it that lets you use it in automatic operation or as a standard submersible pump. The pump will start when the water hits eight inches high, and it’ll shut off as it falls below this level again. This can prevent the coils from burning out when it runs when you’re not around. 


  • Available in for colors 
  • Cycles 4,356 gallons per hour
  • Comes with three fittings 


  • Doesn’t pump water below eight inches
  • Switch can fail relatively quickly 
  • Average lifespan is two years 

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This sump pump comes with an energy-saving and portable design that has a maximum water transfer capacity of up to 3,300 gallons per hour when you want the water to funnel 26 feet away. If you only want it to go 10 feet, it can pump 2,200 gallons per hour. This pump comes with a pure copper motor that can make the motor last longer to extend the life of the pump. There is a thermal protector inside the motor that ensures the motor doesn’t overheat or burn out with extended use. After it triggers the thermal protector, the pump will switch off to cool down before starting again. 

There is a durable sealing structure on this sump pump that locks water out and protects the internal components. You can sumberg the pump in water without a problem, and it works well for flooded basements, fountains, swimming pools, and drainage needs for commercial and residential buildings. There is a float switch that you can easily disable if you don’t want to use it. There is a 1.5-inch discharge port that will increase your output rate, and it can filter solids up to 35mm in diameter without clogging. 


  • Comes with a 26.2-foot cord 
  • Can pump up to 3,300 gallons per hour
  • Commercial and residential use


  • Tricky to enable and disable the float switch
  • Has a very narrow and unstable bottom
  • Clogs easily 

No products found.

9. AmazonCommercial Sump Pump

If you want a relatively inexpensive sump pump to tackle your runoff from your container garden, AmazonCommercial’s pick is a straightforward option. You’ll get a ⅓ horsepower split capacitor motor that can handle up to 60 gallons per minute, and this adds up to 3,600 gallons every hour when you run it on flat ground over short distances. The longer the distance is, the fewer gallons it’ll remove each hour. This makes it a nice choice for smaller volume jobs, and it’s not powerful enough for large-scale flooding. It can lift water vertically over 30.5 feet without struggling, and this is nice if you have to run it up stairs from a cellar or basement. 

There is a 10-foot grounded waterproof cord that won’t shock you when you go to plug it in or unplug it in flooded environments. The cast iron impeller on this sump pump is very durable, and it will resist rust and corrosion. It filters solids up to ⅜-inch in diameter without clogging or slowing down, and it has an automatic thermal overload protector in place that extends the life of the motor because it switches it off if it starts to overwork and get too hot. 


  •  ⅓ horsepower split capacitor motor
  • Can lift water vertically 30.5 feet 
  • Grounded waterproof cord included


  • Only pumps 60 gallons a minute 
  • Not suitable for large jobs 
  • No automatic float switch 

No products found.

10. TACKLIFE Submersible Sump Pump

Tacklife’s sump pump is the final entry on the list, and it’s powerful enough to move 2,250 gallons per hour on flat ground or 1,950 gallons per hour on a 10-foot discharge lift. It’ll easily move water up a 25-foot vertical lift without a problem, and each pump comes equipped with a check valve to stop the water from reverse flowing while it runs. The water has to be at least 1 ¼-inches to allow the pump to operate, cycle, and charge, and it’ll stop pumping when the water falls below this level. This makes in a nice little pump for basements that have seasonal flooding issues. 

There is an automatic off and on setting that will automatically switch the pump on when it senses water and switch it back off when the water gets too shallow to prevent burnout or overheating. The 10-inch power cord does hook to an extension cord, and there is an ergonomic handle that makes it easy to pick up and move this pump from spot to spot as areas of your home or garden dry out. The pure copper motor resists rust and corrosion, and there is a built-in thermal protection setting to prolong the life of the unit. 


  • Can lift water 25 feet vertically 
  • Doesn’t allow for reverse water flow
  • Automatic water sensor 


  • Slightly louder operation 
  • Can miss the water rising
  • May leak and let water inside the casing 

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Sump Pump Buyer’s Guide 

Picking out a sump pump can be an expensive investment, but there’s a lot on the line if you don’t pick out a high-quality one. It can mean the difference between saving your home and garden from flooding or spending thousands to try and repair the damage. There are several things you want to look for when you start to shop, and I outlined them for you below. 

Gallons Per Hour

The gallons per hour tells you how much water the pump can move from the flooded area away from your home or yard each hour you run it. If you’re trying to save your outdoor entertainment area flooring, you may not need a very high gallon per hour rate. But, if you’re trying to pump out a larger pool or fountain, having a higher rate will make your project go much faster. See how many gallons it’ll move, and pay attention to the flat and vertical speeds because most of them slow down if they have to transport the water uphill or further away from the site. 

Sump Pump 2 Size
Ideally, it’s always good to have a more powerful sump pump than you need to combat any flooding you have. If it’s not, you run the risk of having to buy a second one to keep up with the water levels.

Automatic Float Switch 

An automatic float switch is a nice feature to have if you don’t have time to sit and watch your pump run. What it does is it automatically turns the pump on when the water hits a certain level on the float switch. It’ll let the pump run until the water falls below a preset level, and then it’ll turn the pump off. This is very useful because you can let it run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without fear of it accidentally sucking the area dry and burning the motor out or overheating the unit. 


Since this sump pump is going to sit in or under the water, you’ll want something made out of durable materials. Again, this will depend on where you want it. If you’re building a garage and need something to keep the floor dry, you can most likely get away with a sealed thermoplastic design. If you’re submerging it in your yard, you’ll want cast iron or stainless steel with plastic because this resists rust and corrosion while making it very durable. Both types should have seals to prevent water from getting into the motor. 


There are generally two broad categories available when it comes to these types of pumps. One requires more maintenance and care than the other to stay operational. Electric sump pumps are lower maintenance, and all they require is that you plug them in and let them run. Others require that you add oil to the motors to keep them running in top shape. Obviously, this means you’ll need to take more time with it, but both options are very durable and reliable. 

Sump Pump 3 End
When it comes to picking out your pump, you want to take the project size, maintenance needs, type, and materials into consideration. This will help ensure you get something that will last at least a few years without breaking down on you. 


These pumps can be a relatively expensive investment, so it should come with a warranty attached that starts the moment you buy it. Ideally, your warranty will last at least three to five years. If not, you really want to put the pump through a few uses before it runs out. Also, check and see what the warranty covers. A limited warranty is much more restrictive than a full warranty. 

Bottom Line

This type of pump can be seen as preventative measures for your homeowner’s insurance, especially if you live in flood zones. It’s a good idea to have one on hand before anything floods so you can avoid the majority of the damage the water can do to your property. I’ve given you 10 high-quality options to consider, and you can use the included buyer’s guide to narrow down your final pick. 

Best Sump Pump to Clear a Flooded Area in Your Yard or Home Cover