36 Types of Tables to Match Your Decor

It’s very challenging to think of a home that doesn’t have at least one type of table in it, and tables have been around since Ancient Egypt. The idea of creating an elevated platform to keep your items or food on is a very logical idea, just like the invention of the wheel. They’re especially popular in the entryways, kitchens, and living or family rooms today.

Since you can find them all over in your home, it makes sense that you’ll get many different types of tables to suit different needs. There are hundreds to choose from, but we’re going to focus more on the types of tables you find in homes today. It’s a good idea to think of different types of tables by considering which room you want to have them in. This is exactly why dining room and kitchen types of tables are very similar, but living room tables are different. There are also types of tables that are versatile enough to fit in any room.

This can sound a bit confusing. But, we’re going to outline 36 different beautiful and functional types of tables you can consider for your home, and we’ll include their common names and purposes.

1 Table Type
There are many different types of tables available, and it can take time to find the best pick for your needs if you’re not sure what is available. Dining table by Weld House LLC / CC BY-ND 2.0

36 Beautiful and Functional Types of Tables

The table can easily pull a room together, so you really want to put a lot of thought into the types of tables you pick out for your spaces. Along with the look, you also want to consider the purpose. Do you intend to keep it purely decorative or do you want it to be functional too?

1. Accent Table

Maybe you don’t have a lot of room in your living room but you need to add a little something. You don’t have space for a large piece of furniture, and this type of table could fit the bill. An accent table is a much smaller table that is usually oval or round. You place it in the corner of the room, and they’re popular to hold lamps.

2. Bar Table

A bar table is a type of table that is much taller than most tables. They have to be tall to accommodate tall stools that reach bar height. They’re a nice choice to put in your kitchen if you have limited countertop space. They’re typically square or round, and they can hold up to four chairs, but two is more common as it can start to feel crowded.

3. Bistro Table

A bistro table is a great type of table for any small area that needs a little additional seating without eating the space. They work well in the dining room too as a side table, or you can put them in the living room for a cozy feel. This table usually comes with a smaller footprint so they won’t take over your space, but they have enough room for a couple of glasses and your favorite vase.

4. Coffee Table

The coffee table is an important component to your living room design because it acts like a gathering spot for your family and friends. Many people use it as a base for drinks, snacks, or remotes. It works to anchor your room’s decorative style, so it’s worth getting one you love. You can find cheaper coffee tables at discount stores, but they usually feature a very low-quality particle board that won’t last. Since you’re most likely going to use it a lot, it’s a good idea to invest a little more in it.

2 Coffee Table
Ideally, your coffee table will blend seamlessly with the rest of the decor in the living room. The height is an important consideration to keep in mind too so it fits nicely by your couch. IKEA Coffee Table 011 by larrymac / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

5. Computer Table

Also called a computer desk, this type of table works to accommodate a workspace that has a computer. You can get a table that is as simple and straightforward as a surface that is at the correct height for ergonomic use. However, you can also find a computer table with a keyboard tray, monitor riser, and a PC stand. The L-shaped desk is also very popular because it gives you the most optimal surface to work possible.

6. Conference Table

A conference table is a very popular type of table that you find used in classrooms and meeting rooms all over the world. They’re a huge part of a furniture set, but they have a very simple design of being one large table.

7. Console Table

This type of table acts like a transitory piece or bridge between two spaces, and one popular design is a table with storage space. It’s also very popular to use this type of table as a hiding space for smaller items like remote controls, keys, or small knick knacks. They come in a huge range of sizes and shapes, so it’s easy to find one that fits your room.

8. C-table

The C-table is a type of table if you want to switch up the look of your living room without having to buy a whole new coffee table. You can transform this table from something simple into a table that has a shelf attached to dual tiers with a very unique design. You get a very contemporary and sleek look that looks great virtually anywhere in your home, including the den, living room, or bedroom. One of the best features of this table is that it’s very easy to use over a bed or couch for a snack plate, drink, or laptop.

9. Dining Table

When you think of a dining room table, the first thing that you most likely picture is a big table in the middle of the room that is ringed by chairs. While this is a very common practice, it’s not the only way you can set up a dining area. A lot of people, especially those that live in small apartments that don’t have the room for a full-sized dining room, usually incorporate a smaller table right in part of their kitchen.

3 Dining Table
Dining tables come in a huge range of decors, styles, and sizes. This makes it easy to find one that fits your needs when you shop. Dining_room_table_4_chairs by kishisaka / CC BY 2.0

10. Drink Table

Remember when we touched on the smaller accent type of table? A drink table is even tinier. In fact, you can think of it as a coaster on legs. The sole purpose of this type of table is to keep your drink on a solid surface next to your seat. They’re so small that you can have two or three lined along the edge of your couch without taking up too much space.

11. Drop-leaf Table

A drop-leaf table is a simple but functional way to add room for extra seating during the holidays or a dinner party without making your guests feel like they’re in your way. They take up much less space than a fully-extended type of table, and they’re a great pick for smaller homes where your space is valuable. Once you get one of these tables, it’s very difficult to go back using a standard dining table where there isn’t enough room to seat everyone comfortably.

12. Drum Table

If someone told you to picture a drum table, you’d probably think of a very heavy coffee table in a circle shape that is big enough for magazines and books. The term can only refer to a large wooden round table too. This is a more antique table style that dates back to the 18th century, and you get a very antique appeal.

13. End Table

Any end table is the perfect type of table for the bedroom or living room, and they serve as a resting place for small lamps, drinks, books, and trays. Since this table type has a smaller design to it, they’re relatively easy to move if you want to rearrange the room. You can easily place them wherever you want to, even if this means putting it right next to your bed, couch, or in the dining room.

14. Farmhouse Table

Farmhouse types of tables are very similar to industrial tables, but they usually feature a 100% wood design. You usually also have a natural wood finish, and they can carry the sentiment of your grandparent’s old table on the farm. They add a lot of coziness to your design, and this is why the overall farmhouse style is so popular.

4 Farmhouse Table
Farmhouse-style tables are generally on the larger side and extremely solid and heavy to ensure that they last for years at a time. Pine Table by [Alan] / CC BY-SA 2.0

15. Folding Table

The folding table is not meant to be a decor piece, and it shouldn’t even be part of your interior. This is a type of table that you can keep neatly folded away in your closet and take it back out when you need more table space. You can easily use it when you cater to a large group of people, take it outside onto your patio, or do crafts.

16. Foyer Table

The foyer table is usually the first thing people see when they come into the house. This is why it’s especially important that you have a pretty table in this space. It is a smaller area, so you want to ensure that you get the correct size table. The best types of tables for your foyer should be no more than two feet wide and three feet long. You also want to double-check the height and make sure that it’s correct because you shouldn’t have to bend over to put things on the table.

17 Glass Table

If you want a very elegant way to display your prized decor items, glass tables are one type of table that is hard to beat. This table comes specifically designed to showcase your items in a very eye-catching way. You can find them in a huge range of sizes, shapes, and styles. The frame is usually metal or wood, and the tabletop itself is glass.

18. Industrial Table

Any type of table that features metal and wood give off a natural and raw look, and they fall into the industrial category. This style has exploded in popularity in recent years because it has the ability to create character and personality in your home decor.

19. Kitchen Table

Depending on the size you pick out, this type of table is generally considered to be a multi-purpose piece of furniture. It can give you extra space to help prep food, a rack, storage space, or a table to eat on.

20. Laminate Table

Laminate tables are usually one of the cheapest types of tables you can buy. They’re typically made out of MDF that gets covered in a printed PVC laminate that mimics how a wood table would look. They may be inexpensive, but they’re also lower quality. Laminate is subject to a lot of wear and tear, and you can easily damage it with water if you leave it on the surface for too long.

21. Marble Table

Marble is one of the most popular types of tables and countertops available due to the gorgeous look and the durability factor. Marble is a metamorphic rock that gets formed when limestone undergoes intense pressure and heat. This process can cause craze lines and discoloration in the material. However, marble does have a porous nature that makes it susceptible to moisture absorption, so you do want to re-seal your table once a year or every other year.

5 Marble Table
Marble is a very classic look and feel that adds an elegant touch to a room, but it also requires a lot of upkeep to keep it nice. 333 West Wacker 14 by Jaysin Trevino / CC BY 2.0

22. Media Console Table

This is a type of table that is very similar to a traditional console, but it only goes as far as having a similar visual appearance. At some point, someone took a traditional console and put a TV on it. It has a sideboard design that is perfect for it, especially since flat screens are so immensely popular.

23. Metal Table

A metal type of table is a very durable piece of furniture. You can usually find it used as a substitute for traditional dining room tables, and it’s also popular for use as a desk for working, studying, and more. You can find ones made out of a range of metals, and you get a very shiny surface. Since it’s such a durable pick, it’s common to find them used in workshops or kitchens because they stand up to wear and tear well.

24. Mid-Century Modern Table

A mid-century modern type of table has been popular for decades. It’s a very lightweight table that makes it easy to swap out your decor style or room layout by yourself. Sturdy table designs can survive heavy use in busy households for years. You get very clean lines with this table, and they use wood and metal with very pretty colors like black, white, earthy, and stainless steel. It’s great for people who want to avoid bright colors.

  • HappyDIYHome Tip: A very fast way to get an authentic mid-century modern look is to pick out furniture pieces that have straight, high sides with a simple and clean design.

25. Minimalist Table

You can also refer to this table as a Scandinavian-style or bare minimum table. There are dozens of minimalist table designs that seamlessly incorporate functional use with modern materials. A well-designed and picked minimalist-style table is a great way to get a decorative centerpiece in any room.

26. Nested Tables

Nested tables are exactly what they sound like. With this type of table, you get a set of tables in varied heights that you can easily stack under each other when they’re not in use. It’s a very quick and easy way to get more surface in limited spaces.

27. Nightstand

Nightstands are small types of tables that you use to put items on during the night in the bedroom, and they’re commonly called bedside tables. Historically, this table was used to hold a candlestick if you had to light them during the night. Today, this table is typically wooden in the design and used to hold items that you can use in the night or morning like your phone, watch, or a glass of water.

28. Ottoman Table

Also referred to as an ottoman coffee table, this type of table doubles as a seat. You get a coffee table with a firm but padded top on it. It’s a fun double-duty furniture piece that is very popular since it’s versatile and multi-functional.

29. Patio Table

Patio tables come in a huge range of styles and shapes, but their main focus is to enhance any outdoor living space you have. The first thing you want to consider with this type of table is the size. If it’s too small, it won’t be practical, but one that is too large will eat up your space. You also want to consider the table’s material and style. Some people like these tables with umbrella holes, and other people want a built-in grill for entertainment purposes. You also want to think about the main use of the table. If you host parties, you’ll want high-quality materials that will withstand heavy use.

30. Picnic Table

This type of table is an outdoor table that you usually use to accommodate a host of outdoor dining activities like picnics or barbecues. There are usually built-in benches on this table, and they usually use wood for the material. Some of them will collapse to make moving them easy.

6 Picnic Table
Picnic tables come in a huge range of shapes and sizes, and you can even get lighter weight ones that collapse to make them highly portable. Picnic Table by tbarbs / CC BY-ND 2.0

31. Side Table

The side table is a smaller type of table that you put beside a bigger piece of furniture like your couch. Sometimes, people call them nightstands, even though most people think of this term for the portable table you put right beside your bed. You can find this table in your bedroom, recreation room, living room, or other areas in your house.

32. Solid Wood Table

A solid wood table is a great pick because it’s easy to recycle and durable. It’s also very affordable when you compare it to other types of tables. The furniture industry is always improving on the design to make them more sustainable and durable, and this table is also very easy to repair if you need it.

33. Vanity Table

A vanity type of table is usually on the smaller side, and you can use it as a place to support your mirror, perfume bottles, shaver, brushes, lotions, makeup, and more. You can attach a mirror, or you can keep it separate. Generally speaking, these tables come made out of glass or wood, and wood is heavily favored due to the durability factor. You can polish it to create a smooth surface. Glass-style vanity tables are also gaining in popularity, and you can choose from a huge range of colors.

34. Wall-mounted Table

If you live in a smaller apartment, floor space is usually at a premium. You don’t have room for a full-sized table. If you pick out this type of table, you get the best of both worlds. It’s a great way to make the most out of your small spaces, and it can flip your boring wall into something functional.

35. Wood Veneer Table

Wood veneer is a very thin layer of wood that gets glued to a bae material to mimic the look of solid wood. The base material is usually cheaper wood, composite particle board, or plywood. Solid woods are very popular because it creates a natural wood feel and look, and it’s more durable for heavy-duty use. Veneer is very similar to laminate, but you can refinish it where you can’t laminate.

36. Work Table

A work table is a type of table with one purpose. It’s usually not the most practical piece of furniture you have, and it can look odd if you don’t have it in the correct environment. However, this table can help you work. You can choose from a huge range of sizes and shapes, including large workbenches and smaller corner tables. The strength of this table type is the lack of versatility. It’s always available when you need it.

Table Materials

Once you start shopping for different types of tables, you’ll notice that there are virtually hundreds of options available for materials. We’ve picked out the most common ones and outlined them for you below.

7 Table Materials
You can choose from a range of table materials when you pick out your type of table, and this allows you to easily match your decor or choose something that is going to stand out. Table-6 by Tim / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


Glass is lower maintenance, but you will have to clean it frequently to get rid of smears, smudges, dust, or other marks. You also have to be very careful when you handle it because it can break. It’s also not a good choice for spaces with kids because it usually has sharper edges and corners. However, it can add a light touch to a room and fall into the modern  and traditional categories. If you don’t want the table itself to act as a focal point for your decor, glass is a solid pick.


Laminate is a man-made product that mimics the look of wood. It usually has plastic for the main material that gets printed to look like wood. It’s a very budget-friendly option over high-end wooden tables, but the laminate can look extremely cheap, very fast. It also tends to have poor value if you try to sell it. Laminate was extremely popular during the 1960s, and some of the more durable pieces are still around.

Water sitting on the laminate causes the biggest issues with durability. You can wipe down sprays of water or spills, but water that soaks through can cause the particle board or MDF under the laminate layer to expand. You also can’t refinish or repaint it, and you’ll have to throw it away and get another if it gets damaged.


Marble is a stunning table, and it’s a nice way to add a touch of classic beauty or drama to your room. However, it’s not the best choice if you’re looking for a very heavy-duty option. Marble comes in a huge range of shapes, sizes, finished edges, and colors. You can etch or scratch it easily, and it’s one of the most high-maintenance options you can get for a type of table.

You’ll have to make a point to consistently use coasters with this type of table. Clean it using only your approved cleaners, and you will have to seal it regularly. You can enlist professional help to refinish your marble.


You’ll find metal used in industrial or modern pieces, and it can add fantastic depth of vision and lines to the furniture to turn your table into a centerpiece. Unless you’re using copper, metal is typically extremely sturdy and hard to damage. However, it is very heavy and difficult to move around. You should also paint or seal the metal to prevent rust, especially if your climate is more humid.

Solid Wood

Solid wood is a great choice for several types of tables if you want something that is very durable. You can sand and restain or repaint it to match your decor styles if they change, and wood has different grains, softnesses, and color to it. Oak is a very popular wood type to use because it’s semi-affordable and has a relative hardness to it. Pine is usually a lot more affordable and a bit softer. Premium wood types from Asia and South American can give your home some distinction too. You’ll want to clean up spills right away with an approved cleaner, and you may want to seal or wax it occasionally.

Wood Veneer

One of the most popular material choices for any type of table is wood veneer. This is an extremely thin wood panel that you glue to core panels. When it’s done well and uses a high-quality veneer, it’s hard to tell the difference between this and real wood. It’s also easy to confuse it with laminate, but it’s 100% different. Veneer is actual wood that you can sand down and stain again, and  laminate is plastic-based. Veneer is also lighter than solid wood furniture and more affordable, and this makes it a nice choice for people who want larger tables.

Other Materials

When it comes to different types of tables, you’re not limited to laminate, veneer, metal, solid wood, glass, or marble. Instead, you can find types of tables that feature polymer, acrylic, granite, ceramic, engineered wood, and much more. This is what makes shopping for tables so fun.

Bottom Line

We’ve outlined 36 types of tables for you to consider when you’re thinking of adding one to your home or updating your current tables. You can easily mix and match to get beautiful and functional pieces that last for years.

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