30 Best Bedroom Storage Ideas

Storing your items in a smart way can save you a lot of space and maximize the size of any room. Good storage techniques can come in handy especially if you are dealing with a small room, but have too many items that you can’t seem to fit. Making a small room bigger can be very easy when you find the best storage solutions that will keep your bedroom organized and without any clutter. Bedrooms are usually the toughest rooms to tackle when it comes to storage, and when the room is small, you might not be able to find a place for your shoes, jewelry, clothing etc. That is why we have created this list of the most useful bedroom storage ideas for you to check out and hopefully find some inspiration to use in your room as well.

1. organize
With limited space, being organized is always key. You can always make some extra storage quickly with good tips and ideas.

Bed Storage Ideas

1.     Bed Frame With Drawers

Bed frames with drawers can be an amazing alternative to wasting space. It can be seamless and practical at the same time. Declutter your bedroom and place your linens, extra pillows or even your clothing inside the drawers under your bed. You can either buy a bed with drawers already built-in the frame, or even turn it into a DIY project for yourself and your family.

2.     Headboard Storage

You can really get creative with this one, because your headboard can be as wide and as tall as you want it to be. You wouldn’t use this space for anything else, so making the most out of it can really help you out when it comes to storage. Layered cabinets, built-in credenza, you name it – use your headboard as an easy solution to making extra storage space in your bedroom.

3.     Platform Bed

You can make your own platform bed, or buy one. Both ways, you are ending up with extra storage space that you can use to store almost anything. You can choose how many layers you want, meaning that you can stack drawers and make the bottom of your bed fit your entire wardrobe or shoe collection. If you want something more seamless, you can opt for a bed that you can detach and lift from the frame so you have a huge box underneath to store your clutter in.

4.     Items Under Mattress

Your bedsheets take up a lot of space that you can use for other things like clothing. Instead, fold your sheets and lift up your mattress before placing them under it. It’s a good tip if you don’t have a closet and have limited space to store your clothing in. You also won’t feel the sheets underneath, meaning that you’ll end up in a win-win situation.

2. items under mattress
The space under your bed can be put to use as a lot of extra storage. 

5.     Headboard with Shelving

If you feel like cabinets take up too much space and close up your bedroom, maybe go for a headboard with shelving. Not only does it add to the open feel of your bedroom, but it’s a practical way of storing your items without being too dramatic. You can also get creative with this one and add as many shelves as you need.

6.     Bookshelf Bed

Books can take up a lot of space, and sometimes having a bookshelf isn’t an option, especially in smaller bedrooms. Your headboard can be a great way to have a bookshelf that doesn’t require any space at all, and it can also look gorgeous as well. This can also be another easy DIY project depending on the type of bookshelf you are going for.

7.     Bed Risers

The easiest solution for extra bed storage is simply raising your bed with bed risers and using the space underneath your bed to store your clutter. Simply place your items in baskets, plastic containers or something similar before storing them under your bed, resulting in an organized storage solution that didn’t require almost any effort at all.

8.     Murphy Bed

While you might have heard a few bad things about Murphy beds, let’s be real – they can save you tons of space. Your bed takes up most of the space in your room and if you don’t have room for almost anything else, a good old Murphy bed can easily solve your problem. They also come with built-in storage, giving you the best of both worlds.

Shelving Storage Ideas

9.     Above Your Door

The wall space above your door is always going to waste, so why not put some use to it? Shelving or cabinets above your bedroom door can be a great way to use up space that you normally never would, and you can be creative with the kind of storage you are looking for.

10.  Floating Shelves

Floating shelves will save you floor space, and saving any kind of space is more than welcome. This is a good solution if you want to store items high up on your bedroom walls, which is also space that is normally never used. They are also pretty easy to make and install on your own if you want to dive into a DIY project.

3. floating shelving
Floating shelving is not only extra storage, but you can decorate it and make it look gorgeous too. 

11.  Shelf Night Stand

Something as simple as a shelf night stand can be a life-saver, as it isn’t as bulky as a normal night stand and saves more floor space, too. You can place whatever you want under it, therefore making it an easy solution to add extra storage to your bedroom.

12.  Built-In Shelving

Anything that is built into your wall is a massive space saver, for obvious reasons. Whether it is shelving, or cabinet’s that are built in, you are saving massive amounts of space by not using any space from your room at all. This is a good solution for storing your shoes, or even a built-in bookshelf if you have tons of books in the need of storage.

13.  Layered Shelving

Layering your shelves and going up to the ceiling can be a great storage solution, but you also need to be practical. Place items you use on a regular basis on the lower shelves, and the items you almost never use on the highest ones.

4. layered shelving
Layered shelving is gorgeous, especially when decorated nicely as shown in the photo.

Clothing, Shoes and Jewelry Storage Ideas

14.  Cork Board

You might not be aware of how great cork boards can be for storing your items, especially jewelry. If you want an easy way to store and organize your jewelry that doesn’t take up almost any space at all, buy a cork board and go crazy with it.

15.  Behind Door Storage

Your closet door isn’t used as storage space, but it could be. You can put the back of your closet door to use in many different ways, such as shoe storage, jewelry storage or even a clothing rack. The options really are endless with this one, so you can easily get creative with it, however, it is extra space that you can put to use and free up some space in your bedroom while you’re at it.

16.  Use Your Closet Space

Using your closet space effectively can actually do wonders when it comes to freeing up other space in your bedroom. Make sure to cover every corner of your closet with racks and bins, stack some containers on others, and use every inch of the wall space for extra shelving. Put shoe shelves under your racks, or make one for your closet door.

17.  Clothing Rack Behind Your Bed

If you have some extra space behind your bed and can fit a clothing rack in there, go for it! Not only does it look interesting, it will save you a lot of space in your bedroom especially if you don’t have a closet.

18.  Clothing Rack In Room Corner

Putting a clothing rack in an empty corner of your room can save you tons of space. You have the extra storage for clothing, and putting it in an awkward corner means that you are putting that difficult space to use while freeing some in your bedroom.

5. clothing rack
Don’t have a closet? Make one without needing any space at all. Simply put a clothing rack in your room and you’ve got your closet.

19.  Vertical Shoe Racks

You can either DIY this or purchase the finished product, no matter what your choice is, vertical shoe racks can seriously save the day. Shoes take up a lot of space, and placing them vertically is much more efficient if you are looking to save space.

20.  DIY Shoe Racks

You can make a DIY shoe rack either by connecting two walls with a tension rod and hanging your shoes (or really anything you could think of) off them, or make your own pegboard shoe rack to hang them. You can really go crazy with DIY shoe racks because they are relatively light, and don’t need too much support to be hung. Also, hanging your shoes instead of placing them on shelves can save you a lot of space than the other way around.

21.  Laundry Hamper On The Door

Instead of wasting floor space, consider hanging your laundry hamper on the inside of your bedroom door, or inside of your closet.

22.  Pegboards

Pegboards are great ways to store hanging items such as jewelry, keys etc. Create one for your bedroom or your closet, and organize it to your liking. You can also give it a coat of paint and decorate it, so this can be a really interesting project if you are feeling creative.

6. pegboard
Good organization means putting the space you already have to the best possible use, so make sure to always take advantage of it and create as much storage as needed.

23.  Mirror Cabinet

Use your mirror to create a storage space for your jewelry or shoes. If you are making a jewelry cabinet, it doesn’t have to be as wide, just make sure that you have enough hooks to keep everything organized. If you are going for the shoe storing solution, it might be better to go with shelving instead.

Other Storage Ideas

24.  Floor to Ceiling Bookshelf

Bookshelves that take up an entire wall are gorgeous, and not only do they look good – they also save a lot of space. Books are very hard to store if you don’t have a proper space for them, and if you have a small room, you’ll need all the space you can get. Floor to ceiling bookshelves will easily store all of your books and keep them organized for you as well.

7. bookshelf
Bookshelves can be used to store many things other than books, so put it to good use if you already have one.

25.  Drawer Organizers

Make the most of the storage you already have, and buy drawer organizers. Whatever it is that you may be storing: make up, hair products or tools, jewelry etc., drawer organizers can help you keep everything in its place without cluttering up your bedroom.

26.  Storage Bench

Extra seating with extra storage can be a great addition to your bedroom. It fits right into the space, and can provide you with more storage than you actually think as these things can be pretty wide and tall. This can be perfect for storing bed sheets, extra pillows and similar items.

27.  Window Seat

If you have a window seat, put it to use! You can make built-in shelving or cabinets under your window seat, and you won’t even have to use any space from your bedroom. This can be a great way to increase the storage space in your bedroom and can be used to store almost any type of item depending on the kind of storage space you are going for.

28.  Desk and Night Stand in One

You can do the same with a dresser, as both a desk and dresser can easily be used as a nightstand without having to waste space with both. Simply place the item you’ve chosen right next to your bed, and enjoy your multipurpose night stand as well as the extra space you’ve just saved in your bedroom.

8. dresser
Using one item for more than one purpose can be a great space saver, like your dresser or desk.

29.  Floating Desk

Desks can really be a problem, especially in your bedroom, because they are large and take up both wall space and floor space. This is why a floating desk can be a lifesaver – it enables you to use the space under it for anything you want. Especially when placed in smaller rooms, floating desks can make any room bigger and feel a lot less cramped.

30.  Folding Desk

An even better option than a floating desk is a folding one. Folding desks are basically like a murphy bed, when you need it, simply put it in your room. When you don’t need it anymore, put it away. As simple as that!


Most of the time, people own more things than they actually think they do, and for all of these things, you need a place to store them. Sometimes you can be limited when it comes to storage space, but there is always an easy solution. Hopefully, this list has helped you find the best bedroom storage space solutions, whether it becomes a DIY project you are looking forward to, or simply buying the finished product. Just make sure to keep everything organized!

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