How to Plant a Moon Garden: Design, Layout, and Plant Selection

The sun is one of the plants’ required food sources, one of three they need to survive, grow, and reproduce. They also need it for photosynthesis, which is the chemical reaction that converts carbon dioxide and water into the oxygen we need to live and breathe, and the glucose that results in energy-giving carbohydrates for

How Much Does a Land Survey Cost and Why Get One?

As a homeowner, it’s important to know where the boundaries or edges of your property are and where other people’s property begins, so you may be considering a land survey. This is common to do before you put up a privacy fence, or if you’re just curious where, exactly, your property lines end. Your land

How to Build a Dry Creek Bed: Design and Installation Guide

Today we’re going to talk about dry creek beds, which consist of different types and sizes of non-organic rock, making them a hardscape element. Plants can be added to and around a dry creek bed, and usually are, making for a visually complementary hardscape/softscape combination. Landscape is a term that refers collectively to the two

Chain Link Fence Cost for Installation and Maintenance

Better known as a cyclone fence, hurricane fence, diamond mesh fence, or a wire mesh fence, a chain link fence is a very popular and inexpensive choice to help you box off your yard while giving your flowers support for a trellis garden. For this fence, you get a mesh made out of a thicker

How Much Does a Retaining Wall Cost?

Retaining walls are an excellent way to xeriscape your yard, and they serve both decorative and practical purposes that can help you justify the retaining wall cost that comes with the initial installation and maintenance price tag. If you have issues with soil erosion or drainage, a property with a lot of hills and valleys,

How Much Does a Privacy Fence Cost?

If you want to increase the privacy and relative safety of your yard and your landscape edging ideas aren’t sturdy enough, you may start looking at a privacy fence cost. As a bonus it can also boost your home’s curb appeal and provide protection  for your green space or garden from the wind or other

24 Evergreen Ground Cover Plants to Add Year-Round Landscaping Interest

An evergreen ground cover plant is a fun and unique way to add interest all year-round, especially if you live in cooler climates where most of your plants die off in the fall. They can help to lower your yard maintenance, suppress weeds, and they fight erosion to help keep your yard looking healthy and

23 Autumn Trees to Add Splashes of Color to Your Landscape

Did you know that several different types of trees give you gorgeous colors in the fall months? Many autumn trees give you something all year-round. This can be lush and full looks in the spring and summer before shifting to a brilliant display of color. For example, a maple tree is an excellent source of

24 Stunning Lily Varieties to Add to Your Landscape Design

No matter which lily variety you choose, they work well in cottage, containers, perennial, and cutting gardens. They can make a striking statement in woodland fringes and in naturalized meadows as well. They are flowering perennial bulbs that easily multiply once you establish them, and they create a garden or flower bed that is very

26 Annual Flowers for Gorgeous Landscaping Designs

Annual flowers are types of plants that only grow for a single season. They can grow from spring well into the fall, and they die off when the freezing weather comes along. They won’t grow back in the spring unless you plant them again. This is a direct difference from perennial flowers where a small

28 Best Evergreen Shrubs for Landscaping Your Yard

If you live in an environment that experiences four seasons with a colder winter period, evergreen shrubs can add dots of color in an otherwise dreary and dull landscape. They make very low-maintenance landscaping ideas, and you can choose from a huge range of styles and types. For example, some of them will produce eye-catching

How to Kill Grass to Clear Your Yard – 14 Methods and Products

Have you wondered how to kill grass? If so, you’re not alone. Although it may seem counterproductive, knowing how to effectively kill grass and take your yard back is a skill you’ll want to have. Maybe your lawn is overrun when weeds or you want to start over with artificial grass to lower your yearly

85 Beautiful Backyard and Pond Design Ideas

The correct pond design can liven up your backyard and set a relaxing tone for the atmosphere. There are huge ranges of pond designs to choose from, but picking the best one is important because it can make or break your yard’s overall aesthetic. There are many water garden plants you can choose from to

15 Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas

Lawns and gardens give us outdoor spaces to enjoy and play in, but they also take a lot of hard work to maintain. Not everyone wants to spend evenings and weekends mowing, watering, weeding, and so on. The good news is that there are many ways you can make your outdoor space attractive and functional

Beginner’s Guide to the Best Wood Carving Tools

Wood-carving is a skill, a form of woodworking. Carvers create many different types of objects, either functional like spoons and bowls, or to be used for decoration, like small wooden statues or wall hangings. There are a few factors that will determine the success of any given carving project – we’ll be going over each

Best Lawn Sweeper for a Spotless Lawn

As the stunning fall colors come onto your trees, it adds a whimsical and beautiful touch to your yard. But the leaves will fall and start to pile up, and this is your signal that it’s time to get to work. A high-quality lawn sweeper will help you pick up debris and leaves very quickly,

Best Xeriscape Plants: 37 Xeriscaping Ideas 

Almost 40 years ago, in response to serious drought conditions at the time, Denver Water gave new life to a concept by coining the term “xeriscape.”  It was the beginning of an initiative to implement the concept of xeriscaping / desert landscaping and the use of xeriscape plants throughout the landscaping industry. If you’re wondering

The Best Tow Behind Spreader to Fertilize a Large Lawn

If you have a yard or a larger property, you know how important it is to stay on top of any maintenance needs because they can quickly get out of hand. Proper maintenance is the key to keeping your yard looking its best while keeping your home’s value up, and larger properties can cost you

Best Pond Vacuum to Clean Your Pond

If you have a pond, you know how challenging it can be to keep it clear, free of debris, and healthy when the sun’s out and shining directly on it for a large part of the day. You could clean it manually, but this can take hours out of your day, and it can be

20 Trellis Ideas For A Climbing Garden

A trellis is a structure designed to support climbing plants or fruit trees. You may immediately think of simple white wooden bars along the side of a wall, but a trellis can mean a lot of things. The basic idea is that it’s a way to display plants that need a bit of extra support,

Best Grass Seed for a Lush Lawn

Getting a lush and green lawn can be a battle if you live in a very hot and arid environment. If you have kids, pets, or high traffic areas in your home, keeping your grass lush and green can be a very difficult challenge that requires constant attention. However, the best grass seed and the

25 Walkway Edging Ideas

Well-defined walkway edging can mean the difference between a yard that looks messy and disorganized and a yard that looks like it has professional grooming. This seems like a lot of work at first glance, but you can take on these walkway edging projects in a weekend and transform your yard while boosting your curb

20 Best Water Garden Plants for Ponds and Fountains

Ponds and fountains are wonderful additions to any outdoor space. Their soothing sounds make them key aspects in Feng Shui and healing gardens, and when you add a variety of water garden plants, they add enormous visual appeal as well. Make Sure You Choose Plants for Every Part of Your Water Feature Whether you’re creating

How Much Does Artificial Grass Cost?

How much does artificial grass cost? Ask the staff at your local garden center or call up a few contractors for a quote, and they’ll answer what you thought was a simple question with more questions of their own: Are you talking nylon or polypropylene? What kind of foundation layer are you thinking of? How

20 Best Desert Landscaping Ideas for Your Backyard

If you live in a dry desert climate, it can be challenging to design a desert landscape. After all, many plants simply won’t survive this climate, and you can end up with burned plants. Along with the drought and the heat, the soil composition can be sand-heavy and gritty. This further complicates your plant choices

23 Landscaping Edging Ideas to Increase Your Privacy

When you go out into your backyard, do you worry about privacy? You most likely have neighbors very close by unless you live out in a rural area or own several acres. If this isn’t the case and you can see people every time you go into your yard, it can be difficult to sit

25 Beautiful Koi Pond Ideas for Your Garden

Adding a koi pond to your backyard or garden is a wonderful way to enhance your everyday scenery. It draws you to your backyard and keeps you lingering outside- not to mention, it’s extremely therapeutic. Whether you’re planning on building your own pond or hiring someone to do it for you, a bit of inspiration

How to Build a Rooftop Garden – Ideas for Your Apartment

For people who live in populated urban areas, having a full garden may not be feasible. However, this certainly doesn’t mean that you have to go without. There are dozens of rooftop gardens ideas that can help you transform your space and create a small garden area that you can sit and enjoy.  We’re going

Rock Garden Ideas to Elevate Your Outdoor Space

Looking for rock garden ideas? Rock gardens have existed for years, first appearing in the British aisles and designed to mimic an alpine landscape. As people learned to care for the alpine plants typical of rock gardens they became more popular. Today, rock gardens exist across the world in a variety of styles. Many still

19 Stunning Landscape Timbers Ideas

From patio decking to planters and raised garden beds, a little landscaping timber or landscape timbers can go a long way in completely transforming your outdoor space. Doesn’t it always seem that any time you mention landscape gardening to someone, the conversation inevitably turns to landscape timbers? Whether it’s breathing a whole new lease of

19 Tips on How to Attract Birds to Your Backyard

How to attract birds to your backyard? With their bright, colorful plumage, the sweet melody of their song, and the simple joy they bring just watching them hop about the place, birds can make truly wonderful visitors to your garden. Yet personal enjoyment isn’t the only reason why you might want to start looking at

How To Make a Forest Garden

Also known as ‘edible forests’ or ‘food forests’, forest gardens are a wonderful solution for a range of different climates and situations around the world. If you want to grow food in as low-impact a way as possible, but don’t necessarily have the time for a fully fledged annual vegetable plot, making a forest garden

Best Raised Garden Bed Plans For an Organic Garden

A raised garden bed is a great idea. There are plenty of plans out there to help you make one. But why should you consider a raised garden bed, and which types, shapes and edging materials should you choose? We’ve compiled this list of the garden bed plans to help you make the right choices

21 Cheap Fence Ideas – Beautiful Cheap Fencing for Your Garden

Looking for cheap fence ideas? They say that the grass is always greener on the other side of one. They also say that good fences make good neighbours. There are a number of different reasons why you might want to put up a fence, and many different cheap fence ideas to choose from. But how

Garden Edging Ideas For Every Garden Type

There are plenty of garden edging ideas out there for every garden type. But which option is right for your garden? The type of edging you use can have a big impact on the overall look and feel in your garden. It can help you to establish an overall theme and atmosphere for your outside

How to Make a Fairy Garden – DIY Fairy Garden Ideas

How to make a fairy garden? A DIY fairy garden is a whimsical little oasis filled with greenery, accessories and a home for the mythical little creatures. They’ve been all the rage the past few years and have been popular among everyone from gardeners to homemakers, families and anyone with an appreciation for pretty little

How To Build a Pond – DIY Pond Ideas

How to build a pond? Building a wildlife pond in your garden is one of the very best things you can do for the many creatures who visit your space. Having such a feature will increase biodiversity – increasing the range of plants and animals your garden can support. This, in turn, will make it