8 Easy Steps to a DIY Porch Swing Bed

A porch swing bed can turn any backyard into a relaxing oasis.  Sturdier than a hammock, and larger than a regular porch swing, a daybed creates a welcoming refuge to melt away the day’s stress.  No worries if you’ve never built a swing before.  This plan will show you step by step  how to construct

Best Wood Filler to Patch Your Deck

Keeping your deck or patio looking nice year after year can be challenging, and this is especially true if you use it heavily. Maybe you like to entertain your friends or you have a lot of plants you shift around. Whatever the reason, it’s not uncommon for chips or cracks to appear in your deck.

Best Sump Pump to Clear a Flooded Area in Your Yard or Home

Anyone who has ever had a flooded basement or yard knows how much damage the water can do in a very short amount of time. It can cause your foundation to shift and crack, and this can cost thousands of dollars to fix. A flooded yard can result in dead plants, dying trees, and waterlogged

Best Cheap Flooring for Your Outdoor Entertainment Area

You love your patio or outdoor area where you entertain, but you may not want to install an expensive floor if it’s routinely exposed to the elements that can quickly cause it to warp or distort. However, you need something on the floor so it completes the look and gives your guests, family, and friends

Best Outdoor Shower for Your Cabin

A lot of cabins have a very rustic look and feel, and this means that they don’t come equipped with all of the accessories and luxuries that we’re accustomed to having like running water. An outdoor shower is a nice way to get those small luxuries without altering your cabin’s appearance or rustic feel, and

Best Deck Cleaner to Keep Your Deck Spotless

You love spending time out on your deck, but it can fade and look worn out with sunlight exposure and heavy traffic. Even if you make a point to routinely maintain it, you’ll need a high-quality deck cleaner on hand and ready to use to bring the rich hues out in the wood and make

Best Manual Aerator for Your Yard

One handy tool any gardener needs in their arsenal is a manual aerator. This tool helps to stimulate healthy growth on your lawn to turn it into a lush and green landscape. The process of aerating your lawn is commonly thought of as a popular solution for helping solve stunted lawn growth. This is true,

Best Outdoor Bench Ideas for Your Patio

Your patio can be a haven in the hotter summer months, but you need comfortable seating to get the most out of it. It can be expensive to buy benches, tables, and chairs, but you can make your own with these outdoor bench ideas. We’ll give you the tools, materials, and inspiration you need to

25 Balcony Ideas To Elevate Your Space

Many homes and apartments come with one or more balconies, but far too often these spaces go underappreciated. You may be using your balcony to store a bike or extra boxes. Maybe you have a plastic chair or two, or a single potted plant. Maybe your balcony is completely empty. No worries! I’ve gathered some

15 Outdoor Garden Shelves Ideas

Whether you’re after something rustic, modern, industrial, bohemian, or dramatic, these 15 outdoor garden shelves ideas are bound to get you raring to make the most of your yard. We all have shelves in our homes to help utilize our space, but have you considered extending this idea to outside where space can often be

Cost to Build a Porch – Detailed Cost Guide

Read this home improvement guide for everything you need to know on the cost to build a porch. From increasing the resale value of the property and adding some undeniable curb appeal to simply creating the perfect spot to relax, unwind, and while away those long, hot, summer days, there’s no denying that a new

12 Delicious Smoker Recipes for Summer BBQs

Very few foods scream summer like the smokey taste of a good BBQ. The smokey flavor adds a rich taste to the meat, and it’s hard to beat the crisp skin the smoker gives to your meat. Additionally, there are literally hundreds of smoker recipes available that can help you take your next gathering from

DIY Hammock Stand & Outdoor Hammock Area

If you don’t have a hammock in your yard, then your yard isn’t finished. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Aruba or in Alaska — there are few greater pleasures in life than swinging in a DIY hammock stand on a lazy afternoon. Sure, some climates are more friendly to this than others (ie. the

Shade Sail Installation Guide: How to Install a Shade Sail

This shade sail installation guide will walk you through everything you need to know on how to install a shade sail. Easy to install, and cheap to buy, shade sails are the modern-day answer to protection from harmful UV rays from the sun in the outdoor areas of our homes and gardens. The devices have

17 Fun Patio Ideas for Your Home

Looking for patio ideas? For some, a patio is little more than a convenient space to plonk down a couple of chairs and enjoy a little rest and relaxation on a beautiful sunny day. For others, it’s a blank canvas, presenting an exciting opportunity to get creative, express their individual tastes and explore different design

15 Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas

There is nothing quite like cooking outside over an open flame. Many of us think of this as something we only do when we are camping. But when you have a fire pit in your garden, you can do this whenever you want in your very own backyard. We’ve put together these fire pit ideas