Best Outdoor Shower for Your Cabin

A lot of cabins have a very rustic look and feel, and this means that they don’t come equipped with all of the accessories and luxuries that we’re accustomed to having like running water. An outdoor shower is a nice way to get those small luxuries without altering your cabin’s appearance or rustic feel, and there are so many fantastic options available that you can have shipped directly to your cabin’s door. No matter if you want something sleek or modern or something slightly more understated, you’ll find it in this post. 

I love spending the weekends at my family’s cabin, but I didn’t love going without a shower. So, I researched and rounded up 10 quality outdoor showers for you to review. You can compare the products and see which one will work best for your family size and needs. I also put together a quick buyer’s guide to ensure you pick out the perfect outdoor shower when you shop. Let’s dive in. 

Shower 1 Start
Having the ability to rinse off for a few minutes before you go into your cabin can help you feel refreshed and invigorated. Leaving the shower outdoors allows you to keep the rustic charm of your cabin intact without sacrificing amenities.

1. Homewerks Outdoor Shower Kit

This outdoor shower kit comes in a single pack, or you can get two, three, four, or five kits all in one order. It’s nice to install in any area where you need it to resist vandals, and it’ll go wonderfully next to your log cabin, pool, or beach house. You get a high-flowing shower head when you purchase this product, and it puts out an impressive 1.8 gallons every minute. You get a two-handle design that allows you to control the temperature and flow rate, and it has an adjustable spray. The corrosion-resistant construction ensures you can leave it outside in all weather conditions without worrying about it. 

This outdoor shower will last for years, but you do want to make sure you drain it before the winter temperatures set in. You can install this shower to top or bottom-mounted supply lines, and it comes with everything you need to set it up in a short amount of time. Each product comes certified by regional, national, and international building standards to make it a durable product, and you get a three-year limited warranty against defects or damage from the date of purchase. 


  • Sleek chrome finish
  • Kit has everything you need to set it up
  • Three-year limited warranty 


  • Shorter design 
  • Inside of the pipe is uncoated 
  • Can rust after a few years 

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2. Giantex Solar Heated Shower

You can choose from a 5.5 gallon or a 9.3 gallon model when you pick this outdoor shower by Giantex. It uses solar energy to heat the water so you never get chilled, and it has a very sleek and modern look that blends well into your cabin’s more rustic look. You can easily connect it to any garden hose, and the solar energy will heat the water up to 140-degrees Fahrenheit before running it through the nozzle and onto you. There is a hot and cold adjustment knob on the shower that will help you set the perfect water temperature each time you step in and use it. It has a free-standing design that is very durable. 

This outdoor shower will mount to almost any surface, and it uses a non-corrosive PVC brass material in the construction that is very durable and sturdy. All you have to do between showers is attach the hose and refill it so the water continues to heat until you need it again. You get all of the hardware you need to put this outdoor shower together in the package, and the manufacturer suggests mounting it onto a cement surface or something else very solid to ensure it stays in place. 


  • Holds 5.5 or 9.3 gallons of water 
  • Heats the water up to 140-degrees
  • Easy to refill between uses


  • Customer service is difficult to contact 
  • Fittings are very flimsy 
  • Can leak when not in use 

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3. Yescom Solar Base Shower

This outdoor shower also harnesses the power of solar energy to heat the water so you have a pleasant showering experience. It’ll heat the water up very quickly to 130-degrees, and it won’t pull on your electricity bill to do so. You get three or four minutes of warm water if you want to quickly rinse off or give your hair a quick wash, and it will hold up to 2.3 gallons of water per fill. The water temperature instantly switches from cold to hot, and this makes it easy to duck under the shower and take advantage of as much warm water as you get each time you fill it. 

This outdoor shower has a slender and tall design, and this means that you want to mount it onto a flat and durable surface like a slab of cement to keep it upright. You do want to install it in an area that gets a lot of sunlight since it runs on solar energy. Since it’s seven feet tall, you won’t have any trouble with taller people using it and not having to bend down to fit. You can twist a knob to control the water pressure and water temperature quickly and easily. 


  • Gives you almost five minutes of warm water
  • Heats up to 130-degrees 
  • Seven feet tall 


  • Anchor bolts aren’t very sturdy 
  • Calcium can build up 
  • Hose connector leaks 

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4. JAXPETY Solar Heated Shower

This modern outdoor shower is an impressive 87-inches high, and you get a slightly larger water capacity at 9.3 gallons. You get a very slim silhouette with a modern design, and it has a black finish that will blend well into almost any decor. It comes made from a combination of chrome-plated ABS plastic and PVC to increase the durability factor, and this makes it very resistant to scratching and insolation. The base of the shower is seven inches long by six inches wide, and it has matching screws that you can use to mount the shower into your selected surface. 

The outdoor shower’s use of solar energy to heat the water ensures it doesn’t drive up your electric bill, and it’ll heat the water up to 140-degrees. You get a larger rain shower head that is 5.9 inches wide and will cascade water down. You can adjust the shower head however you like to get the perfect amount of pressure, and there is a lower faucet to help wash your feet. You can hook it straight to your garden hose to increase the shower’s versatility, and there is a switch to allow you to control the water temperature and pressure. You get everything you need to set this outdoor shower up when you order. 


  •  Has a rain shower head
  • Easy to adjust the pressure and temperature 
  • Includes a lower faucet


  • Lower faucet is difficult to shut off
  • Hose connector is flimsy 
  • Top-heavy design 

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5. DOTSOG Portable Outdoor Solar Shower

This outdoor shower in a bag has a five-gallon capacity, and this is slightly larger for the type of shower it is. If you’re fitting out your new kitchen and you need a way to wash dishes until you finish, this portable and convenient shower can help. You should plug the water outlets securely to avoid leaking, and it has a very strong strap for a handle that won’t break or bend. It features durable PVC material that is eco-friendly and non-toxic, and the black coloring helps the bag absorb solar energy. It’ll heat your water up to 113-degrees in three hours of sunlight exposure. 

This is an upgraded version of this outdoor shower that gives you an easy open/closed switch and a high or low water flow option. It’s easy to control your water yield to make it last longer. It has an ultra-lightweight design that makes it easy to carry with you, and you can easily fold it up and pack it away in your car or bag to keep it with you. The flexible hose makes it easy to aim your water in whatever direction you like, and it comes with a convenient rope hook to hang it up. 


  • PVC design is very strong 
  • Holds five gallons of water 
  • Very portable and easy to store


  • Takes three hours to heat up
  • Shower head is very small 
  • Valves are all plastic 

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6. GAME Outdoor Solar Shower 

This outdoor shower by Game runs on solar energy and relies on it to heat the water for you. You can easily rinse off after you get out of the lake with it, and it uses very high-quality materials that won’t rust or corrode with exposure to the elements. All you have to do is connect it to your standard garden hose, and you can use it either mounted to a surface or as a freestanding shower. The shower will hold up to 5.5 gallons of water, and there is a nice hot and cold adjustment that you can use to ensure the water stays the perfect temperature every time you want to use it. 

The strong PVC piping and non-corrosive brass design ensure that it won’t rust or corrode with repeated use, but you do want to drain it in the colder winter months to prevent damage. There are no cords or batteries required to run this outdoor shower, and it’s easy to assemble and take back down to store. You can easily adjust the shower head to the correct angle, and it has a broader head that cascades a good amount of water down until it runs out. 


  • Adjustable shower head 
  • PVC and non-corrosive brass 
  • Connects to a hose 


  • Valve doesn’t completely shut off
  • Base could be a little wider 
  • Base bolts are very thin 

No products found.

7. Benkeg Outdoor Shower

This outdoor shower features a durable stainless steel design that has a brushed finish to increase the durability and make it resistant to mold, mildew, rust, and corrosion. There is a modern curved design on the shower with a bright white finish that stands out in the wooded areas around your cabin. You can use it as a handheld shower head, or you can turn a switch and get a nice rainfall function. This allows you to relax or bring the water closer to ensure you get all of the debris and soap off before the warm water runs out. You’ll get all of the mounting accessories you need when you order this product. 

The entire outdoor shower is very easy to set up when you get it, and you get detailed instructions to help guide the process along. It has a fast delivery process anywhere in the United States, and you can typically expect your shower within 10 days of ordering it. It’s 82.7-inches high, and this means that taller people won’t have to stoop down when they use it. The slightly wider base makes it easy to set this up as a freestanding shower, but the company does recommend that you bolt it in place. 


  • Resists rust, mold, corrosion, and mildew 
  • Easy to put together 
  • Two handle options 


  • White coloring dulls to grey 
  • Larger showerhead can clog 
  • May not fit some hose hookups 

No products found.

8. VINGLI Solar Heated Shower

This outdoor shower by Vingli has a larger water capacity at 9.3 gallons, but you can also choose a slightly lower water capacity at 5.5 gallons. It hooks up straight to your garden hose, and all you have to do is turn on the water until you fill the tank. The cold and hot adjustment knob ensure that it’s the perfect temperature to stand and relax while you rinse off. It uses PVC and non-corrosive brass in the construction that it can withstand scratching and knicks without an issue. It also won’t mold or rust on the inside with repeated use, and this ensures you get clean water. 

This is a freestanding outdoor shower that takes a few minutes to install. It can heat the water up to 140-degrees, and it’ll trap heat inside the tank. All of the hardware you need comes included in the package, and you can mount it into cement. It has a modern and neat appearance that will fit well into almost any decor, and the black design is modern. There is a faucet on the bottom that allows you to rinse your feet when you shower, and it turns off tightly to prevent leaks. 


  • Available in two sizes
  • Non-corrosive brass 
  • Freestanding design 


  • Hose connector is flimsy 
  • Rain-style shower leaks 
  • Temperature adjustment is finicky 

No products found.

9. Bamboo Outdoor Shower

There is a flexi hose on this outdoor shower that makes it very easy and convenient to use. If you’re looking for an idea to upgrade your patio, this elegant bamboo shower is just the thing. Every shower comes handcrafted from bamboo artists that work directly under a Bamboo Master to ensure this shower hits all of your expectations for quality. It uses sustainable, all-natural, plantation grown bamboo in the design, and this makes it very durable and long lasting. It comes pre-plumbed with all of the pipework inside the main body of the shower for your convenience, and you get all of the fittings for your garden hose to carry the water up the shower and into the showerhead. 

You can mount the showerhead or use the handheld unit with this outdoor shower for your convenience, and it’s on a five-foot flexi-hose. You can easily remove the showerhead, and it has a very quick installation process. All you have to do is mount it to a post, fence, or wall, or you can easily slip it over a ¾-inch metal rod. Once you attach your garden hose, it’s good to go. 


  • All-natural bamboo construction 
  • Very easy and quick to install 
  • Two showerhead options 


  • Slightly more expensive 
  • Flexi-hose is thinner 
  • Base is very narrow 

No products found.

10. LAGarden Solar Base Shower

The final entry on the best outdoor shower for your cabin list is by LAGarden. This shower has a modern appearance, and it quickly heats up your water by using solar energy. This takes away any costs to your electricity bill, and the smaller tank can hold up to 2.3 gallons of water per fill. You’ll get a knob to adjust between hot and cold to get your ideal temperature. It won’t go over 130-degrees, and this makes it safe for you to use even after extended heating sessions. You don’t need any additional plumbing to get this shower up and running either. 

You can use this outdoor shower as a freestanding unit, but it’s better to mount it onto a solid surface like a cement slab to ensure it stays upright and in place in all weather conditions. You’ll get a modern black and chrome finish that looks sharp while resisting rust and corrosion, and this can help your shower last much longer than other options. 


  • Modern and sleek look 
  • Stops heating water at 130-degrees 
  • No additional plumbing required 


  • Only holds 2.3 gallons 
  • Slightly top-heavy design 
  • Shower head is small 

No products found.

Outdoor Shower Buying Guide 

When you start shopping for your outdoor shower, what aspects do you want to consider? Are there some things that are more important than others? If so, what are they? Knowing this can help you pick out a solid shower or shower kit that you can install at your cabin, by your potting bench in your garden, or alongside your swimming pool. 


One of the biggest considerations you want to keep in mind with this type of shower is the capacity. The capacity will dictate how much water your shower will heat at once, and this decides how long you get warm water for. Generally speaking, most of these showers don’t have a much larger capacity than nine gallons, but some have just over two. You’ll get three to five minutes of warm water when you switch your shower on, so consider how long you need it to run. This will help you narrow your choice down straight away. 

The last thing you want is for your hot water to run out as soon as you step into your shower. Picking a larger capacity will give you longer time under the water while keeping it warm. Credit: Image by Ken Boyd from Pixabay


These showers come made out of a host of different materials. PVC, stainless steel, and non-corrosive brass are all very popular. These materials are very resistant to rust and corrosion, and this makes them a good pick if you want to put your shower somewhere that it’ll get exposed to the elements like on a rooftop garden or out in the middle of nowhere in your cabin.


 If you’re not handy with any plumbing skills, you’ll want to get a shower that is as easy to install as humanly possible. Luckily, all of the showers on the list require very little in the way of plumbing. All you have to do is hook them up to your garden hose to give them a supply of water and switch the hose on. The shower will fill in the tank and start to heat the water to the maximum temperature. Some other showers do require you to hook them up to existing setups, and this is slightly more involved. 


A lot of people forget about the shower’s height when they buy it, and this can make using your new outdoor shower a very uncomfortable experience. You don’t want to have to bend or stoop down to get under the spray, so pay close attention to the shower’s height. The height can range from just over five feet to over seven feet, and some had handheld shower heads to get the spray closer to you if you’re shorter. If you’re putting your shower in something like a shed, consider the height of the structure too. 

Shower 3 Height
Your shower should be easily accessible by anyone who comes to your cabin. Try to find one that is slightly taller, but it can offer a handheld shower head so you can bring the spray down to your preferred level. 


Many showers have a durable finish on them because they come designed to be outdoors and exposed to different weather conditions. Pay close attention to this finish and ensure that it’s durable enough to withstand heat, humidity, and cooler temperatures. Ideally, your shower will have a thick and weather-resistant coating on it that will withstand wear and tear without flaking off or breaking. 

Heating Time 

How long does it take your shower to heat up your water? A lot of the showers on the list are solar powered, and this means that it can take several hours to heat up your water. Decide how much heating time you need between uses. It could be practical to pay a little more for something that heats water a bit quicker if you plan to use it a lot. 

Bottom Line 

The best outdoor shower will give you a small oasis to stand in, rinse off, and relax for a few minutes. It’s a cost-effective way to add a more modern amenity to your cabin without sacrificing the rustic look and charm. Take a look at my top 10 picks and compare the products. When you narrow down your choice, use the buying guide to help you find the best one. 

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