Best Track Saw for Your Garden Building Projects

No matter if your next project involves cutting long lengths of lumber width-wise to create the walls for your outdoor storage shed, or you have to rip plywood, a track saw is one of the most convenient ways to go. Tracks saws allow you to work on the top of the piece of wood rather than trying to manipulate it and move it through a table saw, and this makes it accurate and safe. Although this type of saw has been around for years, it’s really caught on and gained in popularity over the past decade or so with novice and veteran woodworkers alike. A quality track saw allows you to make repeatable, accurate, and fast cuts on lumber, plywood, or fiberboard, and it can replace a table saw, miter saw, and a radial arm saw to free up space in your workshop. 

You can quickly and easily clamp the best track saw in place to give yourself very accurate cuts with no movement. But, how do you know which is a high-quality option and which one you should pass up? With so many options and brands available, picking out the best track saw can be challenging. Luckily, I’ve picked out 10 powerful, fast, and reliable track saws and reviewed them for you below. 

1 Saw Cutting Wood Start
A high-quality track saw will allow you to replace several different pieces of equipment while giving you everything you need to work on your garden building projects. They’re compact, lightweight, and powerful. 

Festool Plunge Cut Track Saw – Top Pick 

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The first track saw on the list comes from Festool. You can easily pair it with Festool guide rails to give you cuts that are both splinter-free and straight. This makes it flexible enough to use on both large and small projects, and it has a very durable build that ensures it’ll last for years. This is what makes it my top pick. It uses 1,200-watts of power each time you use it to help keep your energy usage down, and you get a spring-loaded riving knife that keeps the cut kerf open when it’s on. In turn, this stops the material you’re cutting from pinching your blade. 

This track saw has an antistatic function built in, and it reduces the chances of the saw kicking back on you while you work to keep you safer. There is a Fastfix system on this saw that makes blade changes safer and faster so you can keep your project’s momentum going. This system simultaneously locks the arbor and switch to make it easy to remove the arbor bolt to swap out the blade. There is a bright green and black color scheme on this saw that makes it very easy to locate around your shop. 


  • Durable build
  • 1,200 watts 
  • Spring-loading riving knife 
  • Blade won’t get pinched 
  • Fastfix system 
  • Bright green and black 
  • Compact build 


  • Doesn’t include the guide rails

Bosch Tools Track Saw – Step-Up Pick 

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You can use this track saw to cut out your garden signs before using your wood burning kit to customize it. It has a plunge action that gives you an easy and fast setup that allows you to make one-step clean finish cuts in plywood or laminated particle boards. The plunge mechanism gives you precision control over your cut depths to allow you to slice through different board thicknesses without having to stop or create jagged ends. There are constant electronics on this saw that help you maintain your desired speed when you take on more demanding projects with tougher materials. 

This track saw comes equipped with a single bevel pivot point, and this allows you to position the track the same way for both non-bevel and bevel cuts. In turn, you don’t have to stop midway through your project and readjust your saw’s position. The overload protection will automatically switch the motor off if it gets too hot to prevent damage. You can use the swiveling hose port to keep the vacuum cleaner hose out of your way while keeping your workspace clean. 


  • Plunge action saw
  • Precision control 
  • Maintains speed levels 
  • Single bevel pivot point 
  • Overload protection 
  • Swiveling hose port included 
  • Lightweight 


  • Can undercut 

Triton Plunge Track Saw – Mid-End Budget Pick

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This is a good track saw to choose if you don’t have the budget for an extremely high-end one but you don’t want to sacrifice quality for price. It comes equipped with soft grip handles that help to keep your hands and wrists comfortable when you work on long projects, and there is a plunge lock that ensures the saw will only move when you want it to to increase your safety factor. The shaft lock is easily accessible from a prone position, and this makes it quick and painless to change the blade while keeping your project going to hit your deadlines. 

There is a universal vacuum system on this track saw that allows you to suck debis away while you work to keep your field of view clear to ensure accurate cuts. The 360° rotational outlet ensures it never gets in your way while you’re running the saw, and you get a blade, pair of carbon brushes, and the dust outlet adaptor in each purchase. As a bonus, you can use compatible Triton accessories with this saw to broaden your project capabilities. You do have to purchase the guide rails separately if you don’t have any when you buy the saw as it doesn’t come with them. 


  • Lightweight 
  • Very compact 
  • User-friendly design with comfort-grip handles 
  • Plunge lock 
  • Universal vacuum system 
  • 360° rotational outlet 
  • Works with several accessories 


  • Not very balanced design 

WEN Circular Track Saw – Bargain Budget Pick 

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When you purchase this track saw from Wen, you can choose from two different models, and you can also purchase track clamps and the tracks themselves all in one purchase. This is a smaller saw that will work well for helping you build your porch, and it won’t break your budget. It gives you splinter-free cuts on boards 2 ⅓-inches thick or less, and you can either rip the boards or perform internal plunge cuts without worrying about the saw stalling or overheating. This flexibility allows you to take on a huge range of projects around your house with minimal equipment. 

If you want to create bevel cuts, this track saw will cut through boards up to 1 ⅝-inches thick without a problem to create perfect bevels. You’ll get a 20-mm arbor with a 6.5-inch carbide-tipped blade that has 24 sharp teeth on it, and it has a very balanced and lightweight design that will help to reduce operator fatigue when you use it for extended periods of time. The power switch is centrally located for maximum convenience, and this also increases the safety factor because you can quickly switch this saw off if you need to. 


  • Available in two sizes 
  • Budget-friendly 
  • Uses quality materials 
  • Create bevel cuts 
  • Centrally-located power switch 
  • Comes with a sharp blade 
  • Overheat protection 


  • Can be difficult to push forward 

Makita Plunge Saw Kit – Best for Large Projects

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You can choose from the bare saw or a full kit with Makita’s track saw, and this makes it an excellent choice for all of those big projects you have sitting around your house. It is a cordless model that comes powered by dual LXT batteries, and this gives you more power and runtime while freeing you up from a cord. It also offers close to the wall cutting capabilities down to 11/16-inch, this expands your cutting applications when you’re working in very tight quarters. It has a variable speed control dial that allows you to cut through a variety of materials, and you can adjust it from 2,500 RPMs to 6,300 RPMs. 

Makita builds an electronically-controlled BL brushless motor into the track saw that will seamlessly deliver 6,300 RPMs for maximum performance. Additionally, this can also give you up to 50% more runtime on a single charge, and this allows you to take on larger projects with ease. When you’re cutting, the saw will automatically adjust the torque and cutting speed to ensure you get clean and splinter-free edges each time. Everything packs neatly away into a hard-sided case for storage until you’re ready to tackle another project. 


  • Cordless design 
  • Comes with dual LXT batteries 
  • Close to the wall cutting capabilities 
  • Variable speed control dial 
  • BL brushless motor 
  • Automatically adjusts torque and cutting speed


  • Not 100% accurate 

DEWALT TrackSaw Kit – Best for Small Shops

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If you’re going to build an extension on your home, you’ll need the proper tools for the job. This is what you get with Dewalt’s track saw kit. It offers a zero clearance cutting system that gives you straight, precise, and splinter-free cuts. This is a corded model that will run without overheating, and the cord is long enough to maneuver around your project without getting stuck. It works best when you use it with dual-edged tracks to make straight cuts in both directions, and it can cut wood pieces up to 2 ⅛-inches thick without stalling out or stopping. 

You can cut up to 2 ⅛-inches at a 90° angle, and you can use this track saw to cut 1 ⅝-inch boards at a 45° angle without losing your momentum. You’ll get a 12-amp, 1,300-watt motor that won’t pull a lot of power when you use it, and it has a low profile blade guard that makes this the perfect tool to use in small shops where space can be at a premium. There is a continuous anti-kickback system with a riving knife that stops the saw from kicking back at you when you engage it. In turn, this can keep you safer. 


  • Zero clearance cutting system 
  • Cuts boards up to 2 ⅛-inch thick 
  • Corded 
  • 12-amp motor 
  • Low profile blade guard 
  • Continuous anti-kickback system 
  • Bright yellow coloring 


  • Interlock button is difficult to work 

Makita Plunge Circular Saw – Best for Outside Use

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Makita’s track saw comes with X2 LXT technology that will give you the ability to make up to 150 cuts per charge when you cut through four by eight sheets of ½-inch thick plywood. It uses two 5.0Ah batteries. This is a plunge-style saw that works well for large panels and outside work, and you can also use it on wood-type materials like MDF, melamine, Corian, and aluminum. The saw comes equipped with a wood cutting blade, and it has an auto-start wireless system that uses Bluetooth technology to communicate between the saw and dust extractor to keep your workspace clear. 

There is a 55-inch guide rail that insects with the saw’s base and comes reverse engineered to give you very straight and smooth bevel or straight cuts, and this makes it ideal for ripping sheet materials. The 57.5-inch guide rail bag makes it easy to pick up this kit and take it with you to other job sites, and it also makes it very easy to store everything neatly after each use. There are reinforced handles that make it easy to carry, and there is a shoulder strap system with a quick-release function that makes it easy to move from project to project. 


  • X2 LXT technology 
  • 150 cuts per charge 
  • Auto-start wireless system 
  • 55-inch guide rails 
  • Guide rail bag included 
  • Dust extractor port 
  • Balanced design 


  • Batteries take hours to charge 

Kreg Guide Track Kit – Best for Building Raised Planter Beds

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If you’re looking for a powerful track saw to help you build your raised planter beds, Kreg has a compact but powerful option available that won’t break your budget. This saw will quickly and easily cut through solid wood boards, plywood, and other sheet goods without stalling or overheating. It’ll give you splinter-free and straight cuts on boards up to 50-inches long, and this is more than enough to create small or large raised planter bed frames without having to constantly stop, reset your position, and start the blade again. In turn, you can finish your projects much quicker and move to the next one. 

This track saw will quickly cut up to 2 ⅛-inches deep at 90°, and it’ll also cut up to 1 ½-inches deep at 45°. You can use this saw alone, or you can pair it up with a project table kit to give yourself more stability and flexibility. There are built-in safety features on the saw that can help prevent it from kicking back or binding as you work, and this reduces your chances of an injury. Everything packs away neatly in a storage bag that has comfort-grip and reinforced handles to make it easy to carry or store. 


  • Comes in two kit choices 
  • Cuts boards up to 50-inches long 
  • Works with a project table kit
  • Reduces binding and kickback
  • Several built-in safety features 
  • Storage bag included 
  • Cuts a variety of materials 


  • Slightly heavier design 

DEWALT Cordless TrackSaw – Best for Precision Cuts

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If you want to make highly precise cuts, Dewalt’s track saw is one to consider. This saw comes equipped with a zero clearance cutting system that gives you precise, straight, and splinter-free cuts every time you use it to give you professional-grade finished products. You should use it with the TrackSaw dual-edged guide rails to give the best results possible, and you get a straight plunge mechanism to improve the tool’s ergonomics. This saw runs on batteries with a cordless design, and this allows you a much greater freedom of movement than you’d get with corded models. 

The riving knife and anti-kickback mechanism on this track saw prevent it from kicking back at you when you use it to improve your safety levels, and it has an enclosed low profile guard. Not only does this guard help prevent accidentes, but it gives you up to 90% dust extraction capabilities to keep your work area and field of view clear and free of obstacles. The batteries this setup needs have to be at least 20-volts, and this will give you enough power to cut through small and medium-sized projects. 


  • Zero clearance cutting system 
  • Straight plunge mechanism 
  • Cordless design 
  • Riving knife with anti-kickback system 
  • 90% dust extraction capabilities 
  • Low profile
  • Ergonomic grip 


  • No batteries or charger included 

Adaptive Cutting System Plunge Saw – Best for Plywood Projects

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The final track saw on the list comes from Kreg. This product is a plunge-cutting circular saw that allows you to cut through plywood or solid wood without it stopping or stalling. It runs on a 62-inch guide rail and this gives you more than enough room to cut the wood you’ll need to build your porch swing bed or storage sheds. You get a very powerful 12-amp motor that offers variable speed control. It is a 120-volt motor that also has load compensation to prevent the motor from overheating or getting damaged when you use it on thicker wood or larger projects. 

There are several built-in safety features with this track saw, including a retracting blade that is fully shrouded, electronic blade brake, riving knife, and an anti-kickback control system. The blade comes optimally designed for right-handed people, and it gives you excellent cutting visibility and control each time you turn it on. It’ll cut boards up to 2 ⅛-inches at 90°, and it’ll also cut through 1 ½-inch boards at 45° without a problem. This is a slightly heavier option, but it has a well-balanced design that can help to reduce operator fatigue and keep you comfortable. 


  • Plunge cutting design 
  • 12-amp motor 
  • 62-inch guide rail 
  • Built-in safety features 
  • Designed for right-handed people
  • Cuts thicker boards 
  • Won’t overheat


  • Very heavy and bulky design 

Best Track Saw – Buying Guide 

Now that you’ve seen a few examples of the best track saws, what should you look for when you shop? There are arguably things that are more important than others, and knowing what to look for will ensure that you get the correct track saw for your wants and needs. This can be an expensive purchase, so I recommend that you take your time and use my buying guide to ensure you make the best choice. 


One of the biggest considerations to keep in mind when you start shopping for your new track saw is your budget. It’s not unusual for these types of saws to run in the hundreds or dollars, and it’s important that you don’t go way over and go broke buying one. As long as you pay attention to the bulk materials and capabilities, it’s easy to find one in your price range. Before you start shopping, sit down and figure out what type of budget you have. This will help you narrow your choices down from the start. 

2 Getting Ready to Cut
A saw like the ones in this review will help take a lot of the guesswork out of your projects because they’ll give you very precise and even cuts each time you use them. 

Motor Power 

What types of projects are you going to be using your new saw for? For example, if you’re going to build your kids a playground set, you may not need as much power as you would if you planned to add major extensions on your home. Additionally, it’s always better to get a slightly more powerful motor than you need to ensure you can make those straight and even cuts. If you don’t, you could end up not cutting through the boards all of the way, or they could leave rough and splintered edges in their wake that you have to go back and fix. This can impact the overall quality and correctness of each cut. 

Guide Rail

Many of the track saws on the list didn’t come with a guide rail included in the original purchase. While it’s not difficult to purchase one from your local store, you do want to make sure that it’s compatible with your saw. If not, you’ll put yourself into a dangerous situation each time you use it. The saw may not connect to the rail properly, it can kick back, and you may end up getting a guide rail that is too short for your intended projects. If possible, try getting a full kit that includes the saw and guide rails in one purchase. 

Riving Knife

No matter what type of track saw you see, make sure that it comes equipped with a riving knife. It should be a spring-loaded one, and it helps to keep the cut kerf in the correct place and open while you work. It’ll also make sure that the wood you’re cutting stays well away from the saw’s rear portion. This reduces the saw’s chances of producing kickback, and it maximizes your control levels. You’ll be able to build that swingset for your kids and have it look like a professional did it. 

3 Project Examples
Having the correct tools on-hand gives you the ability to work on a huge range of projects from large building ones around your home to smaller personal projects that you’ve been meaning to get done. A track saw will tackle them all, and they’re compact enough to use in small shops. 


If you’ve never used this type of saw before, you’ll definitely want a manual to go with it. Many of the saws on the list don’t come with one, and some saws only have a very basic one available. Double-check that your pick has a comprehensive user manual with each purchase, and make sure that you take the time to look it over before you fire your new tool up. This will give you a good idea how to use it properly, help you troubleshoot, and it can give you tips and pointers on maintenance you should do to keep your saw working in top shape. 

Bottom Line 

The best track saw can easily do the work of several expensive pieces of shop equipment, and this is why it’s so important that you take your time when you purchase one. I’ve picked out 10 great options for you, and you can easily compare them side by side. I invite you to take a look, compare the product, and find the one that will work best for your projects. 

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