The Best Giant Jenga Games for the Summer

Jenga is a fun strategy-based game involving large blocks that can keep small groups entertained for hours at a time. For children, it’s a fun way to improve their mental and physical skills starting at a younger age. Although the rules for traditional giant jenga are the same, there are now specialty sets you can buy that require a higher degree of skill to use, and we’re going to outline the 10 best giant jenga sets available. This way, you can easily compare them and find the one that works best for your needs. It makes for a great yard game as well.

1. Jenga Giant Family Hardwood Game

This giant jenga game can stack over three feet high, and you get a very sturdy wooden construction with it that ensures it’ll withstand numerous uses and falls without chipping or breaking. The set comes with 54 wooden blocks that are slightly larger and created with a high degree of precision that makes them very stable and ensures they won’t accidentally fall over with every small bump or hit they take when you play. The set allows you to stack up to five feet high without a problem. 

These are slightly smaller blocks, but it allows you to play both indoors and out without running out of space. It also doesn’t take a lot of room to store, and this is very nice if you live in a smaller apartment or home. Both kids and adults can play this game, and the blocks have a polish on them to help seal out any moisture. They come from a California based company with multiple warehouses. 


  • Can stack up to five feet high
  • Slightly smaller blocks 
  • Polished surface seals out moisture


  • More expensive for a shorter set
  • Additional pieces are hard to find
  • Edges can be very sharp, especially the corners

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2. Jenga Giant JS7 Hardwood Game

This jenga game set is ideal if you’re trying to enjoy larger games with your friends and family at the beach, at a part, or in your backyard. Makes for a great yard game. Many of the smaller jenga games top out at four feet maximum, but this game starts at four feet and goes up to eight feet tall. In turn, it can support more players, and you’ll get much better tower balance that decreases the amount of times it falls over to keep the fun going for hours at a time. People 12 years old and up can easily enjoy this game. 

You get 54 pieces in each order, and each piece has a hardwood material that will prevent it from chipping or breaking when you play. If it’s time to pack it up or take it with you, the game comes with a bright orange carrying case that zips closed and has a carrying handle. This makes storage easy. Each block is almost fifteen times the size of a traditional jenga block.


  • Comes with a zippered carrying case
  • Can stack several feet high
  • More players can use it


  • Edges are prone to splintering
  • Bag is very thin
  • Blocks can be rough to the touch

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3. Hammer Crown Giant Tumble Tower

This is one of the largest sets available, and it starts at a nice three feet tall. However, once you start stacking and moving the blocks with your friends and family, it can reach up to five feet high. Every one of the 57 included blocks come identically sized and precisely milled to give you an enjoyable playing experience, and there is no paint or varnish on the wood to ensure they can easily slide in and out of the tower when you play without causing it to topple. 

The 57th block in this game has a hidden bottle opener that will help you unwind after a long day. You get a heavy-duty storage bag with every order that comes made out of nylon. It allows you to easily store your jenga set anywhere in your home without worrying about damage. This set has a rustic and stylish appearance that will be fun to play both indoors and out. 


  • Has a heavy-duty storage bag
  • Stands over five feet tall
  • Hidden bottle opener on one of the blocks


  • Blocks can be awkward to handle
  • Zipper on the bag is flimsy
  • Edges can cause the tower to tip

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4. Splinter Woodworking Co. Giant Tower Game

This set is on the expensive side, but you get a very high-quality game that more than makes up for the initial price tag. It has a unique storage crate that makes it easy to transport and store the game between uses, and it beautifully matches the set with the same wood grain look. The storage case also plays a dual role as a playing table, and this means that you can set it down and set up a game of jenga virtually anywhere you like. 

Every block is seven inches long and a little over an inch high, and these dimensions make them small enough for kids to easily pick up and play with. Every piece is kiln-dried New Zealand pine, and they have safe rounded edges that won’t hurt if they fall on you. The high-quality wood won’t warp, splinter, twist, or break down with repeated use. For every set you buy, the manufacturer will plant a tree. 


  • Get 60 blocks per order
  • Each set purchased means a tree gets planted
  • Ready to custom seal or paint


  • Crate is difficult to assemble
  • Smaller for the price you pay
  • Price – more expensive

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5. Yard Games Giant Tumbling Timbers

This yard game giant jenga set features 56 blocks made out of pine timber that are over seven inches long and almost two inches tall. If skilled players work at it, this game can easily stack to over four feet tall. You get two extra blocks in each order to help reach new heights, and each block is lightweight, sturdy, and they have a smooth sanded finish that makes it easy to maneuver them. You can use this set of blocks for outdoor games as well – makes for a great yard game!

When you’re ready to pack up the bag to go, it has a nylon bag with the company logo on it. The thick black bag has a durable zipper that will keep everything secure. Each purchase of this giant jenga game has a 100% satisfaction guarantee with it, and this US-based company will happily replace pieces or refund your purchase if you’re not totally satisfied with it. Customer service is also very easy to get in touch with if you have any questions, and they’re very responsive to questions. 


  • Stands an impressive size
  • Get additional blocks with each order
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee


  • Any moisture will cause them to swell
  • Pine is a slightly softer wood that is prone to damage
  • Carrying case has poor stitching

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6. Ultimate Black Light Giant Tumbling Tower

If you want a more unique giant jenga set, this is it. Not only do you get a larger set to play with, but each block glows in the dark due to the blacklight paint. You get two black lights included in each purchase to help light them up and keep the game going. This tower will start out at around 2.5 feet high, but skilled players can easily make it reach over 5 feet high when they stack the pieces. Each piece is a uniform size, and this makes it very easy to play for hours at a time. 

Since it has a glow in the dark design, this giant jenga game is perfect for playing outdoors and indoors. It comes with a durable green storage bag that makes all of the pieces fit snugly inside, and you get a 100% money-back guarantee with each purchase you make. You have 60 days to try the jenga game out and see if you like it or not. 


  • Comes with dual blacklights 
  • Paint is very bright and fun
  • Reaches over five feet high


  • Blocks could use more sanding 
  • Return window closes after two months
  • Bag tends to rip by the seams

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7. Seville Classics Premium Giant Block Tower Game

This giant jenga game manufacturer has been in the industry for over 30 years, and their goal is to bring bigger and better products to your home. This is where their jenga game comes in. The 54 included blocks have a very smooth finish on them with no rough edges to make playing easy, and you can easily build it up to over four feet tall. You get 18 levels when you build this tower, and they have a very uniform design that ensures it stays upright for as long as possible. 

The carrying and storage bag is included in each giant jenga game purchase, and it has double-stitching around the handle that ensures it won’t tear, rip, or break as you transport your game. Additionally, the bag ensures you won’t lose any pieces when you store it. The sides of the blocks have wood burning letters that create an attractive look and feel. 


  • Stands up to four feet tall
  • Has a very smooth and even finish
  • Bag is very heavy-duty and durable


  • Slightly smaller than other games
  • Pieces have odd cuts 
  • Price is too high for what you get

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8. Juegoal Giant Tumble Tower

This giant jenga game is excellent for both indoor and outdoor use with players of all ages. You get 54 high-quality blocks that come made out of natural hardwood that is eco-friendly. It starts at two feet tall, but you can build it up for four feet with the right strategy. The blocks are the ideal size for both kids and adults to play with, and this game comes with dice. This dice can help you increase your turns during the game, and this increases your chances of winning. 

There is a thick carrying case that uses a canvas material to make it durable. It has handles to make it easy to carry the blocks with you from place to place. This giant jenga game gives you a very natural wood grain look that is eye-catching and chic, and it comes with a satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not completely happy, you can return it for a full refund. 


  • Get marked blocks and a large die 
  • Comes in a canvas carrying bag
  • Natural finish


  • Can chip with rough use
  • Not as large as the jumbo set
  • Doesn’t have a smooth finish

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9. Giant Tumbling Timber Toy

This giant jenga set works well for both adults and children, and it comes with 56 blocks made out of 100% pine wood that has a very light finish. The blocks resist wear and tear, and this helps to keep them looking nice from the first time you use them until years later. The blocks are over six inches long, and they have a smooth finish that makes it easy to pull them out and re-stack them without making the tower topple. You can choose between two different sets when you make your purchase. 

The zippered carrying case is very durable and sturdy. It has a large zipper and a flip open design that makes it easy to load and unload your blocks to set it up. There is a score card included in each purchase ensures everyone gets a turn and you can set up giant jenga tournaments inside or outside. There are 20 numbered blocks that allow you to make rules and come up with new games. 


  • Some blocks have numbers on them
  • Carrying case is easy to load and unload
  • Score card included


  • Blocks are too large for smaller children
  • Blocks are 100% uniform size wise
  • Handle on the carrying case is prone to ripping

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10. RYG Giant Wooden Toppling Tower

This giant jenga game is great for family outings, camping trips, and having fun in the backyard. You get 54 oversized blocks that measure seven inches long when you order, and you can build a tower that is up to five feet tall. The blocks are 100% smoothly finished pine that won’t snag or accidentally pull the other blocks down as you slide them in and out. The pine is also resistant to swelling and shrinking, and this can help make the set last longer. 

This giant jenga set can help improve your hand-eye coordination, and it comes packed into a secure carrying case that makes it easy to take from party to party. Additionally, the carrying case can help protect your jenga set from wear and tear by creating a barrier between the blocks and dust, water, dirt, and debris. It is slightly more expensive. 


  • Has a sturdy carrying and storage case
  • Blocks are almost seven inches long
  • Pine has a very smooth finish


  • Ends may require further sanding
  • Not as tall as it seems in the pictures
  • Difficult to fit all the blocks in the bag

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Giant Jenga – A Short History 

Jenga’s creator is a British national named Leslie Jones. She spent her childhood in East Africa, and she invented the game in the mid-1970s. Originally, she used her brother’s wooden blocks to play, and she derived the game’s name from the Swahili word that means “to build.” 

She wanted to create a game that required skills and player interaction, and she also wanted it to have an element of suspense. Rather than licensing and establishing a company to bring giant jenga to the world, she chose to debut it in London’s Toy Fair in 1983. Milton Bradley eventually got rights to the game, and there are over 50 million jenga games played worldwide. Along with the traditional wood grain look, giant jenga comes in team-specific colors, special logos, and a range of color options. 

Jenga 1 Start
Jenga has a rich history even though it’s only been around for 50 years. It’s a family-friendly game that kids of all ages can play and enjoy. 

The Rules of Giant Jenga 

Giant jenga has the same base rules as tabletop jenga. To start, you stack the blocks in alternating sets of three to form a tower. Each new row should be at a right angle to the row below it. Once you have your tower, decide the order in which you want to take turns. The first player will pull a block from anywhere in the tower except the top two rows. 

You have to carefully pull out the block and set it back up on the top of the tower at a right angle to the row below it to complete your turn. You can only use one hand, and you don’t finish your turn until you set the block down and step back. Some people use dice to determine the order they go in, and there are many variations of giant jenga ranging from an adult-themed one with alcohol to one that needs a blacklight to see the special paint colors. You can make up your own rules to create a variation of this game. 

Once the tower falls, the player that was attempting to remove a block and stack it back on loses. This isn’t a game with winning in mind as much as it is a game about not losing. You can play as an individual player or you can play as a team. The game gets more challenging as it goes on. 

Jenga 2 Rules
Every jenga game can have different rules depending on the type of game you want to play. Just make sure everyone is on the same page before you start so there is no confusion.

Buying Considerations 

Just like anything else you purchase, there are several buying considerations you want to have in mind when you start shopping for a giant jenga set. If you do, it’ll help you narrow down your choices and pick out the best ones for your needs and wants without blowing  your budget. 

Wood Type 

There are hardwood and softwood giant jenga sets. Ideally, you’ll get a set made out of a harder wood because this type of medium is less resistant to wear and tear than the softer wood is. Also, softer wood will warp and swell if water falls on it and sits. Hardwood like maple, walnut, oak, and balsa will all withstand repeated use without breaking down. Woods like pine, yew, spruce, and redwood will all break down much quicker, and this means you’ll have to buy a new giant jenga set. 


How high do you want your giant jenga set to go? Some sets start out at 2.5 feet and go up to 4 or 5 feet. Other sets will start out at four feet high and go up to eight feet. Think about how tall the people are that will use your giant jenga set the most. If they’re all shorter, it makes sense for you to get a set that isn’t so tall. But, if they’re all tall people, you may opt for a taller set. The last thing you want to do is pick out a set that won’t work well for everyone in your group.

Block Size 

Do you have smaller children that will play with your giant jenga set or will it be older kids and adults? The block size can range from three to seven inches long, and the bigger blocks are too awkward for smaller kids to play with. The bigger blocks are more suited to teenagers and adults, and you could accidentally exclude the younger kids if you don’t pay attention to the size. The weight is another issue because it can hurt if they fall on you during play. 

Carrying/Storage Case 

Do you plan to use your giant jenga game at one location? Maybe you want to use it around different parties. How about storage? You don’t want to lose any pieces. A lot of the giant jenga games on our list have a carrying and storage case. They usually come with a zippered compartment for all of the blocks, and they have durable handles attached that make it easy to transport. If it doesn’t come with one, make sure you have some type of storage and transport option available. 

Jenga 3 Storage
If your jenga set doesn’t come with a storage case, you can repurpose an old bag to keep everything together and out of the elements.


Anyone who lives in a wet or humid area wants to get one of these jenga sets with stain or sealant on it. If you don’t, the moisture can cause your blocks to warp and swell over time. Once they do, this makes them impossible to use because they won’t lie flat. If they don’t come with a sealant on it, you can easily buy a can and seal each block by yourself. However, this is a time-consuming process. 

Whatever giant jenga set you choose, you’re getting an excellent game you can play both indoors and out. They’re fun for people of all ages, and you can be a hit at your next party or gathering. Use our buying guide to narrow down your top pick out of our 10 choices and spend the summer outside enjoying game after game. 

How to Make a DIY Giant Jenga Game

You can also make your own DIY giant jenga game! All you need are wooden boards and a good miter saw

Cut the boards into 54 equal sized jenga pieces (1.5″ x 2.5″ x 7.5″), find a carrying crate to hold the pieces, and you will be good to go.

The Best Giant Jenga Games for the Summer