12 Fun Easter Crafts for the Whole Family

Easter is a fun holiday for the whole family, and Easter crafts for kids are a great way to get the family together and celebrate new life while welcoming spring. There are a host of affordable, easy, and adorable Easter crafts for kids you can put together with your children. 

Some of these Easter crafts for kids take a more religious approach to Easter. Others are fun and colorful and will help your family build excitement leading up to the Easter Bunny’s visit. They’re great tools to build bonds with your family and spend quality time catching up as you make the Easter craft together. Take a look at the 12 Easter crafts we’ve rounded up. Try some of these Easter crafts for kids come next Easter! These Easter crafts for kids also make for great sleepover ideas.

1. Graham Cracker Peep Houses Easter Craft

For these adorable houses for your peeps, you will need a few basic Easter crafts supplies. These quick Easter crafts for kids allow you to make the peep houses as small or as large as you’d like. You can even have a Easter craft decorating competition! You need for these cute and easy Easter crafts: 

  • Graham crackers (3 per house)
  • Squeezable cookie frosting 
  • Peeps
  • Candies or jelly beans for decoration 
  • Candy grass (optional)

Each small house for this Easter craft will require three whole graham crackers. Break all of the graham crackers in half to get squares. Set one graham cracker square on your work surface and squeeze a line of your cookie frosting three of the four edges. This will act like the glue to hold your craft pieces together. Take two graham crackers and set them up to form the sides of the house. You may have to hold them in place for a few minutes until the frosting hardens. 

Take another graham cracker half and put your frosting along three edges. The edge without the frosting should be on top. Press this back wall onto your peep house. You should now have a floor and three walls. For the roof, create a triangle out of two graham crackers and put a line of frosting where the sides meet to form a peak. Run a line of frosting along the two bottom sides and gently stick them to the top of the walls. Let it dry overnight. Stick your candy grass on top of the floor of your house, decorate the crafts with the candies if you like, and stick your peep inside the Easter craft. 

Easter Crafts 1 Peeps
You can find peeps in dozens of colors, sizes, and styles with these Easter crafts. Mix and match the crafts to create a peek village with this easy Easter craft. 

2. Dish Towel Easter Bunny Easter Crafts

If you want Easter crafts that turns an ordinary dish towel into an adorable Easter bunny, this one’s for you. With just a few simple supplies and 10 to 15 minutes, you can have a whole family of adorable bunnies ready to set around the house. You’ll need for these easy Easter crafts: 

  • Dish towel for the Easter Bunny
  • Ribbon
  • Googly eyes
  • Rubber band
  • Cotton ball
  • Pom pom (small because it’ll be the nose)
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun

To get started with this easy Easter craft, take your dish towel and lay it out flat in front of you. Fold it in half along a diagonal line to make a triangle. The long side should face you with the point facing away. Start rolling the dish towel, starting at the end closest to you, and go until it’s completely rolled up. Fold your rolled up dish towel in half. 

Take your hand and pinch the rolled shape together in the middle. Pull the two ends upward to form the ears. Pull those two ends backwards and over the rolled up section. The section under the ears will be the body. The small bit that is protruding will form the head of the Easter bunny. Section off the head and use your rubber band to hold it in place. It should be just in front of the ears of the Easter bunny. 

Cover the rubber band with a ribbon and a cute bow. Apply the googly eyes, pom pom nose, and fluffy tail to complete this Easter craft. The body is the perfect shape to hold an Easter egg too! 

This is what your finished dish towel Easter bunny should look like with these Easter crafts. As you can see, the ribbon with a bow adds a fun element to these Easter crafts, and we liked how they were all different festive Easter colors.  

3. Jelly Bean Garden Easter Crafts

These Easter crafts can make the cute Easter bunny come alive, and it can also give you a fun way to make sure the kids behave leading up to the big day. You’ll need a few things for these Easter crafts, including: 

  • Jelly beans or candies 
  • “Magic” jelly bean or candy holder (plastic Easter eggs work well)
  • Wooden skewers 
  • Peeps
  • Ribbon

To start with the Easter craft, tell your kids if they’re good that the cute and easy Easter bunny is going to bring a special surprise for them. One day when they’re gone, get a plastic Easter egg and put a few jelly beans in. These will be the magic jelly beans. 

When your kids get home, tell them that they need to “plant” the magic jelly beans to grow their garden. Take them out to a spot in the yard and let them scatter the beans before you go back inside. Get the kids busy with something else and get your peeps, skewers, and ribbon together. Tie a ribbon on each skewer and stick a peep on the top. 

Sneak outside and plant the peeps so they’re sticking up like flowers. Have your kids go back out and check to see if anything bloomed. If the kids don’t like peeps, you can do this easy and fun Easter craft with chocolate Easter eggs instead. 

bunny peeps

These cute Easter bunny peeps are an adorable addition to this Easter craft. Once you stab the skewer through the bottom, they’ll sit upright and ready for your kid to pick. 

4. Glow in the Dark Easter Eggs Easter Craft

How much fun would it be to have a glow in the dark Easter egg hunting contest? With these Easter crafts, you can do just that, and it’s so easy! For this Easter craft, you’ll need: 

  • Plastic Easter eggs
  • Candy
  • Tape
  • Glow sticks (the flexible bracelet ones work better than the sticks)

Snap the glow sticks so they’re ready to go. Open your plastic Easter eggs and put the glow stick inside. This will create the light in the Easter craft. Fill the Easter egg with candy and shut it. You want to keep the Easter egg closed, so putting tape around the Easter egg seam will help ensure the Easter craft doesn’t pop open and spill. That’s it! You can now go hide the Easter eggs wherever you’d like, and you’ll see the Easter eggs after the sun goes down. 

Easter Crafts 3 Plastic Eggs
You can use plastic Easter eggs in any size for these Easter crafts. If you use larger Easter eggs, you can use regular glow sticks rather than the bracelet ones.

5 – Spring Easter Tree Easter Crafts

A spring Easter tree makes a pretty centerpiece for any table, and you can make it as big or as small as you like. You’ll need a few things to create this Easter craft, including: 

  • Bare branches (or buy a small twig tree)
  • Sand, pebbles, or marbles
  • Vase
  • Easter ornaments or plastic eggs with string in them
  • Spray paint
  • Pruners
  • Lights (optional)

Take the family out and find a large branch or two. Your goal is to find enough branches to fill your chosen vase. Take your pruning shears with you and trim each branch down to your desired size. You can make one big arrangement and or let all of the kids make their own smaller one. Spray paint your branches whatever color you like or leave them natural. 

Put your branches in your vase and fill the sand, pebbles, or marbles in around them. Hang your plastic Easter eggs or Easter ornaments on the tree wherever you like. If you’d like to wind lights through the branches, do so. You’re now ready to display your Easter crafts in your home. 

Easter Crafts 4 Easter Tree
This is an example of an outdoor spring Easter tree that uses plastic Easter eggs and ribbon. You can decorate the Easter craft with whatever festive ornaments you like. 

 6 – Confetti Eggs Easter Crafts

Confetti eggs are a fun Easter crafts for the entire family. The goal is to crack them over someone’s head so they get a shower of confetti. Since no one will know they have confetti but your family, this is a great surprise. You’ll need for these Easter crafts for kids: 

  • Eggs
  • Confetti
  • Food dye, water, and vinegar 
  • Dye cups
  • Glue stick
  • Tissue paper
  • Glue stick
  • Thumbtack
  • Skewer

Take the raw eggs and carefully punch a small hole in the top of the Easter egg with your thumbtack. Hold the Easter egg firmly in one hand and push the thumbtack through the shell several times. You’ll need to create an ½-inch hole in the top of the cute Easter egg. 

Get your skewer and use it to gently mix up the Easter egg inside of the shell. Dump the Easter egg mix out and gently wash out the shells. Mix up your Easter egg dye according to the directions in the Easter egg cup with the water and vinegar. Take the Easter egg out of the dye and let the Easter egg dry. Fill the cute Easter egg with confetti. Cut a ¾-inch piece of tissue paper and carefully glue it over the hole in the Easter egg. That completes this fun and easy Easter craft. The Easter eggs are now ready to break. 

Easter Crafts 5 Confetti Eggs
Confetti eggs filled with glitter. As you can see, the tissue paper hides the hole until you’re ready to break it. 

7. Paper Easter Bunny Holder Easter Craft

You can make these cute Easter crafts for kids in under 10 minutes, and each kid can have one for a special treat. To make these Easter crafts for kids, you’ll need: 

  • Colored construction paper
  • White construction paper
  • Pom pom
  • Pencil
  • Black marker
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun

Decide how big you want your Easter craft holder to be. Take your construction paper and cut a rectangle out of it. This will be the body of the Easter crafts. Wrap one end of your construction paper around until it meets the other end. Glue the edges together until you have a thin cylinder supporting the Easter crafts. 

Cut out two matching Easter bunny ears for the top of your cylinder. Take the white construction paper and cut out smaller Easter bunny ear shapes for the inside of your Easter bunny’s ears. Glue the white smaller Easter bunny ears into the center of the bigger pieces. Draw two little black dots on the cylinder for the bunny’s eyes, and use a pom pom for the nose. 

Use your black marker and draw on your Easter bunny’s whiskers, extending them out from the side of the pom pom. Draw on the mouth. Cut out a small rectangle of white paper for the teeth and glue them on the mouth. Glue the ears to the top of the cylinder of the Easter crafts, and glue a pom pom on the back for the tail of the Easter crafts. 

Easter Crafts 6 Candy Examples
You can pick out different types of candy for your Easter bunny holder Easter crafts for kids. If you want everyone to have a different treat, add those too, or you could add a note from the Easter bunny to complete the Easter crafts. 

8 – Lollipop Bunnies Easter Crafts

These lollipop bunnies are fantastic Easter crafts for kids, and they make fun gifts. If your kid needs a fun snack to bring to school, try these bunnies. You’ll need the following for these fun Easter crafts for kids: 

  • Styrofoam balls
  • Tootsie pops
  • Pom poms (two sizes)
  • Googly eyes
  • White pipe cleaners 
  • Ribbon 
  • White craft foam 
  • Skewer or something to poke holes in the styrofoam balls

Take the styrofoam balls and poke a hole all of the way through them. Slide the ball onto your lollipop stick. Wrap the lollipop wrapper as tightly as you can around the stick, and gently work the ball down until it sits tight against the lollipop. 

Attach the googly eyes to the styrofoam ball. Just below the googly eyes, add the larger pom pom for the nose. Put the two smaller pom poms under the nose to form the lips. They should be right next to one another, centered below the nose. 

Cut out feet from the craft foam and attach them to the bottom of the lollipop of the Easter crafts. Add two larger pom poms on each side, midway through the lollipop for the front feet. Take a pipe cleaner, fold it in half, and make two two-inch loops to form the ears. Fold the ears upward and hot glue them to the top of the styrofoam ball. Add a pom pom tail, and tie a bow around the ears with the ribbon to complete this fun Easter craft. 

Easter Crafts 7 Lollipop Bunny
This is what the finished lollipop Easter bunny looks like. The Easter craft should stand up on the foam feet when you finish with these Easter crafts for kids. 

9. Pom Pom Chicks Easter Craft

Pom pom chicks are quick and easy Easter crafts for kids that are fun for the entire family to do. You can make your own Easter crafts using: 

  • Yellow yarn
  • Orange felt
  • Googly eyes
  • Hot glue and hot glue gun
  • Scissors 

The first thing you do with this Easter craft is make a pom pom out of the yarn. Wrap the yellow yarn around your three index, middle, and ring finger several times. You want around 50 wraps of yarn per chick. Carefully pull the yarn off your fingers when you get enough. Wrap a second piece of yellow yarn around the middle of your looped yarn and tie it tight. 

Get your scissors and carefully cut through the loops on each end. Carefully trim the ends of the yarn until you get a round, poofy pom pom. Once you get a round ball, hot glue the googly eyes in place. Cut out your chick’s feet. You can make them one or two pieces, but one is more stable. Glue the feet to the bottom of your pom pom, and cut out a small orange triangle and glue it on for the beak. 

Here is a small and cute pom pom chick. You can make these Easter crafts for kids different sizes by adding more yarn when you wrap it. 

10. Easter Egg Flower Bouquet Easter Crafts

If your kids want to make their craft teacher a cute flower bouquet, these Easter crafts for kids are a great pick. It’s super simple to make,  and you only need two things. You’ll need for this Easter craft: 

  • Green pipe cleaners 
  • Plastic easter eggs 
  • Hot glue and hot glue gun (optional)
  • Vase or ribbon

You can use all of the same color for your bouquet in this Easter craft, or you can use several of every color. If you look at the bottom of your plastic egg, you’ll notice there are either two holes or two areas where it didn’t punch all of the way through. Thread your pipe cleaner through on hole and back out through the second hole. 

Make sure your pipe cleaner is even on both ends. Close your plastic eggs back up. If you want it to stay, you can add a drop of hot glue on the edge. However, this is completely optional. Twist the two pipe cleaner stalks together to form a strong stem. Repeat these steps for each egg until you have a bouquet for this Easter craft. You can pop them in a vase or tie them with a ribbon.

Easter Crafts 9 Egg Bouquet
Simple Easter crafts for kids that uses plastic Easter eggs and pipe cleaners to create an Easter egg bouquet. 

11. Spoon Bunny Puppets Easter Craft

You can set these Easter crafts for kids out year after year, and it’s durable enough to withstand storage without breaking or chipping. To complete this Easter craft, you’ll want a few Easter craft materials, and you may even have some in your kitchen

  • Wooden spoon(s)
  • White and grey acrylic paint
  • White, light grey, and pink felt
  • Googly eyes
  • Hot glue and glue gun

To start these Easter crafts for kids , paint the spoons with either the grey or white paint and leave them to dry. While they’re drying, cut bunny ears out of the white or light grey felt. Cut out smaller bunny ears out of the pink felt for the inside of the ears. Cut out the nose from the pink felt by cutting a small triangle or circle. 

Glue the pink inner ear to the larger felt outer ear and let it dry. Glue the dry ears to the front of the spoon. You want to glue the face on the back of the spoon because its flatter than the front of the spoon. Get your two googly eyes and glue them near the center of the spoon. Glue the nose below the eyes. Add small dots or whiskers, and draw a mouth on. 

Easter Crafts 10 Wooden Spoons
As you can see by these wooden spoons, the back is much straighter than the front with this Easter craft. If you glued the face on the front of the spoon, your bunny’s face would look caved in. 

12. Chick Easter Crafts 

The final Easter craft on our list is a hatching chick that you can set around your home. You will need several things for this Easter craft, but it’s fun for all of your family members. You’ll need for this Easter craft: 

  • Crayons
  • Glue stick
  • Googly eyes or googly eye stickers
  • Orange cardstock or construction paper
  • School glue
  • Scissors
  • Stapler (optional)
  • Watercolors 
  • White cardstock
  • Yellow feathers
  • Yellow tissue paper

Cut a large egg shape out of your white cardstock. You’ll need a smaller rounded circle for the chick’s body, and you’ll need half of an egg with a jagged edge all out of the cardstock. You can trace an image and cut them out. 

Take the cracked egg piece and design the Easter craft. You can use crayons, watercolors, markers, glitter and glue, or whatever your family likes. Let the Easter craft dry. Cut out squares and rectangles out of the yellow tissue paper, crinkle them, and use these to decorate your chick’s body. Cut a diamond shape out of the orange cardstock and fold it in half. Glue this into the center of your chick’s face for the beak. Glue your googly eyes on or add your googly eye stickers above the beak. 

Take two yellow feathers and create your chick’s wings. Once your cracked egg part dries, add glue along the outer edges and glue it to the egg shape. Leave the jagged edge open. This creates a small pocket for your chick to slide in. You can staple the outer edges if you like to make the Easter craft more stable. 

Easter Crafts 11Hatching Chick Template
This Easter craft uses a small template that will make the egg, chick, and the jagged shell. The Easter craft gives the illusion that the chick is popping out of the egg.

These 12 Easter crafts for kids are loads of fun for the whole family. You can do one each day leading up to the holiday and bring your family together with these Easter crafts for kids . The Easter crafts for kids are easy, fast, fun, and these Easter crafts for kids will help you create memories that last a lifetime. 

Easter Craft Cover Photo